Dry shampoo is EVERYWHERE. And I truly believe it is something every girl should experiment and try just once before opting to either use it forever or never again. Originally, dry shampoo was something gym goddess’ and camping queens could make really good use of – a way to freshen up the hair when time for a post workout shower was limited (gym goddess!) or when running hot water and shampoo was not readily available (camp queen!). These days, with the “no ‘poo” movement and women choosing to wash their hair less frequently, dry shampoo serves as a great way to freshen up the hair between washes. Spritz a bit at the root to combat the oilies, and brush through the hair to pump up the volume. You’d be surprised at how effective dry shampoo can be at saving you time, saving your hair, and making you look good! It comes in many scents and formulas, so be sure to try a few before making a decision on whether its right for you.