As mentioned last week, I met with the Beauty Director of Us Weekly, Gwen Flamberg for a quick lunchtime chat to discuss tips, trends and secrets to achieving a great summer look.

Gwen was in town for the launch of Arm & Hammer’s newest toothpaste and Spinbrush collection, Truly Radiant. We were able to discuss some of her favourite beauty products for the summer, what makes her feel “truly radiant” and of course, the importance of a white smile when it comes down to creating a signature look that pops.

How you feel about yourself is really at the core of Gwen’s definition of beautiful. With every question I asked, it always came down to finding the products and practices that will make you feel beautiful – whether it’s swiping on a bright lipstick shade, using hair products that elevate your natural hair style or getting in a workout that you genuinely enjoy doing.

A white smile can be a simple way to contribute to creating that feeling of natural beauty no matter what you’re doing. Using a toothbrush and toothpaste that are designed to gently whiten, deep clean and protect not only boosts your look, but your health too. Gwen highlighted the convenience of the Spinbrush, as it’s easy to travel with and still delivers results because of its dual action head designed to remove 100% more surface stains than ordinary toothpaste. Pretty impressive, if you ask me! I also learned that strawberries are a natural stain lifter when you’re out and about sipping on coffee or red wine – the seeds work to lift stains before your teeth absorb them, so snack away on strawberries to keep your pearly whites gleaming!

Chatting with Gwen about her career was the best part, and in particular hearing the passion for what she does come through was great to hear. She shared that “Beauty is the most exciting thing to write about because the trends are constantly changing and it’s really easy with beauty to try a trend. You can get a piece of a celebrity lifestyle through a lipstick that a celebrity wore on the red carpet a lot easier than buying the gown.” I couldn’t agree more with her on that front!

As for the Truly Radiant collection, I was gifted with a Spinbrush and toothpaste to put to the test. I’ll be starting that soon (I just had oral surgery myself so I’m not quite ready to jump in to testing an electric toothbrush) and reporting back to see just how radiant I can get my smile to keep rocking pink and purple lips for the summer!

– morgan