scene+overheard: the body shop, fall 2013

The Body Shop is like a good home-cooked meal. Warm, inviting, and feel-good. Any good Canadian woman knows all about The Body Shop and has grown up with something “The Body Shop” in their purse at all times. Or if you’re like me, circa 1992, wore their soft cotton tote bags with pride (please, please, PLEASE tell me that someone out their remembers those bags …)

Just as overly tired mothers getting excited for Back To School time when the kids are gone (I kid! kinda …), I get excited for Fall and the plethora of new collections that launch just before the leaves turn colour. The Body Shop does not disappoint.

Available right now in stores is the new Colour Crush Lipsticks which come in three colour families (pink, red, and nude). The lipsticks, 24 in all, have all the bold pigment and intensity that’s totally on trend, paired with the moisturizing ingredients that we all need. A silky slip over the lips plus plenty of colour I am more than positive this will please all the lipstick addicts out there who want the intensity and long wear, just not the dry lips. I’m pretty partial to colour 201, a bright pop of pink.

I am also digging their new Camomile line. D-i-g-g-i-n-g! Imagine me, being the makeup artist that I am, with a hand swatched with different lipstick and shadow colours. It’s a mess, no doubt. What’s a girl to do?!?! A small swipe of their Camomile Cleansing Butter and their Muslin Cloth and swoosh … all gone. No tugging. No rubbing. (Minds out of the gutter people). Just a smooth circular motion and *poof*. Gone. And sold on it

This fall it’s all about sweet sweet honey when it comes to The Body Shop’s body care items. Come October 7, 2013, we go into full Honeymania. Infused with the indulgent nourishment of … you guessed it … honey, their lip balm, body butter (a fave!), and shower gel are made to keep the skin soft and smooth (and sweetly scented). Made with Community Fair Trade honey from Ethopia, the new Honeymania line contains wild-harvested honey of the highest quality.

Again, you will have to wait until October for the Honeymania line, but the Colour Crush Lipsticks and the Camomile lines are available now. Stay tuned next week for L’il Steph’s review on The Body Shop’s Colour Crush Eyeshadows!



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