Bridal Services

Nothing makes us happier than seeing a beautiful bride all done up from her head to her toe.



The Trial Run

Take the time to get your look done right.

A trial run will allow you to envision just how beautiful you will be on your big day.
It will also allow you and I (or another team member) to meet and make sure we are a good fit.
Trials run for a maximum of 90 minutes to 2 hours for hair and makeup
(approximately 1 hour for just makeup or just hair)

and we will have a tête a tête about what works and what doesn’t work!

Hair and Makeup: $160            
• Makeup: $80             Hair: $80

Should you wish to extend your appointment time, an added $20 per half hour will be charged.


The Big Day

Whether its 6am or 6pm we arrive on-location to get you primped
and pretty for your walk down the aisle.

With Stephanie Daga, Key Artist

The Bride
Hair and Makeup: $290          
• Makeup: $140            • Hair: $150

Bridal Party
(per person pricing; includes Mothers of the Bride and Groom)
Hair and Makeup: $195         
• Makeup: $95            •Hair: $100


BlushPretty, Lead Artists

The Bride
Hair and Makeup: $245         
• Makeup: $120             Hair: $125

Bridal Party
(per person pricing; includes Mothers of the Bride and Groom)
Hair and Makeup: $195          
• Makeup: $95             • Hair: $100


Please inquire for rates with our senior and junior artistry team.
Pricing begins at $190 for the bride (makeup and hair) and $180 for the bridal party (makeup and hair)


Add-ons (per person)

Airbrush: add $20                Fake lashes: add $10
Hair Extensions Set and Installation:
add $30

All wedding day services are provided on-location – meaning we come to you!
Please contact us for our travel boundaries and our travel rates.


Get Groomed …

Why should a bride have all the fun?

We are an equal opportunity beauty team and not only can we get the Bride looking perfect for her big day … but we can help her Groom out as well. BlushPretty is pleased to announce that we offer grooming services for the … well … Groom.  Services are provided on-location or at our studio and can be completed the day prior to the wedding or on the big day itself.

By the way, you know his groomsmen – those guys growing those grizzly playoff beards and sweaty hockey hair – um, we can help with them too!

The Clean-up
a little bit around the edges, here and there (10-15 minutes): 
$40 (on-location) / $30 (in-studio)

The Cut
a new look for a new and BETTER life (15 to 35 minutes): 
$50+ (on-location) / $35+ (in-studio)

the beard+the brows made neat (10-20 minutes):
$25+ (on location) / $15+ (in-studio)

* all services are performed on clean and dry hair




Special Event Beauty

Ready for your close-up!?! Portraiture/Photography, Proms, Graduations, Anniversaries, or just a really great party …
we’ve got you covered!

Makeup and hair services for special occasions, events, or just because!
Hair and Makeup: $180           

 Makeup: $90

 Hair: $90

The High Brow

Perfectly groomed eyebrows look crisper than a freshly ironed button down.
Trust us … it makes a world of difference.
Beautiful Brows (shape, tweeze + create): $25            

 You Tweeze (maintain + clean): $18
Arch Support (8 sessions, beautiful brows): $125

Beauty Lessons

All makeup lessons are two hours in length and tailor-made to suit your needs.
You choose the tips, tricks and styles you want to learn.
2-hour lesson: $250            

 1-hour refresher: $140            

 45-min new look: $90


A 20% non-refundable deposit is required to reserve all dates for Weddings and Special Events, Packages, and Make-up Lessons.  As mentioned, deposits are non-refundable should the client cancel the event and/or service. Also, a date is not reserved until the agreed upon deposit is received by BlushPretty.
Balances for all services are to be paid on the date of the event.
Payment for deposits can be made by credit card, email money transfer, cash or cheque (made payable to BlushPretty). Payment for balances can be made by cash or cheque (made payable to BlushPretty) only.
Cancellation Policy
We understand that scheduling and timing is at the mercy of so many other events in your life. We do not have a strict cancellation policy. While we do ask for as much notice as possible, especially in the case of wedding dates, I can understand that “last-minute” surprises happen! Please e-mail and or call the moment you realize a date will not work, that an event will be cancelled, or that you no longer wish to use BlushPretty’s services. In the case of just a scheduling conflict, we are always available to discuss alternate dates and times. Do not hesitate to ask.