short hair, don’t care : updo it …

I love being able to make people happy. I think that is why I do what I do … makeovers and

And nothing makes me happier than giving a bridesmaid – or a bride even – who has shorter or “not-as-thick” hair the opportunity to look like they have waist length locks and volume to boot.

Here are a series of images of from this past weekend where I took a bride with a curlier layered bob to a smooth and sleek updo.

The trick for me is using a flat iron and a super-mini flat iron, along with a heat protectant spray, bobby pins and hairspray – of course.

I think another key trick is to just work with the hair to get something pretty, but not completely different. For example – I didn’t change her part or try to work her hair into a statement bun proportions. Both the bridesmaid and I decided on a style that could work with her hair length as is. It also helped that the bridesmaid was realistic about what the end result could look like – i.e. she knew I wouldn’t give her this super poufy updo … or Victoria Secret waves.

I also left some pieces out and undone … I think that by leaving her bangs sideswept (obviously not pictured) and also a few pieces framing the face it gave the updo a more effortless appeal.

Now, I only managed to get photos from this angle, but once complete, I did do an almost 360 degree video of the final do. Follow my Instagram and check out the complete look here.

Hope you like it!



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  1. Christa says:

    This is FABULOUS!!!!