Okay. So, part of my “to be a better blogger” resolution is to do more posts with swatches and pictures of me wearing the product. I actually do lots of said swatching and wearing on Instagram which gets posted to tumblr and then shared on Twitter … but I’m sure you all want a full on review in one happy place.

So let’s do this.

Today, I decided to share with you my thoughts on COVERGIRL+Olay’s Eye Rehab 2in1 Brightening Concealer and Hydrating Serum. First – this product has all the words I live for: hydrating, concealer, and 2in1 (which is more a phrase/term than a word, but whatever …). These three words/terms alone are enough for me to want to “try” it.

This is a pretty ugly shot of my hand but you aren’t supposed to focus on that – focus on the blob of product I carelessly pumped out. I really like pump tops on skincare products. I find they are less messy than squeeze tubes or open mouth bottles and despite my overly enthusiastic pump shown above, the dispenser for this product is pretty controlled.

The colour provided to me for review was 330 or “light”. I’m your typical asian girl with a darker complexion for being Chinese and a lighter complexion for being Filipino. Normally I wear a NC30 in MAC foundations if that gives you a better idea of my skin tone. I think for most ladies of my descent, opting for “medium” or “beige” named concealers and foundations are more common, however, I found “light” to be just right for me. It blended away almost immediately and without a trace.

And here’s the money shot!

This is me wearing Eye Rehab underneath and around the eye. (Do not ask what is happening with my hair – you want real reviews and this is as real as it gets … a photo when the makeup was applied but while the hair still needed work!) I used my ring finger to apply and blend the product and I required two thin layers. In my opinion, you cannot detect a thing, right?  Right! The product feels like water over the skin and sinks in with very little effort. I do find it to be more of a hydrating serum than a coverage based concealer.  While it did brighten, I believe that if I had darker circles under my eyes it may not have been enough to mask and conceal … but I do think it did a great job to liven up my face a bit and give me a very youthful glow around the eye area.

Throughout the day, I continued to feel very smooth and lifted around the eyes and was pleased with how I looked when I got a glimpse in the mirror.  I felt that even at the end of the day, my eyes looked rested, even if I didn’t feel rested.

I think COVERGIRL+Olay Eye Rehab would be a key product to have when all you need to wear is a bit of a pick-me-up or polish-me-pretty product. For example, I would use this for a quick trip to the grocery store, for lazy days when I want to look pretty but have no reason to wear full-on makeup, for when my eyes are feeling lazy or tired, or for travelling and looking effortlessly ah-mazing as I land and the non-existent paparazzi is waiting at the gates to snap my photos …

I also think that this a product worth having on hand in the makeup kit. I can see myself using this on mature skin to perk it up a bit before applying the heavier stuff. I see it filling in lines and smoothing the skin to allow for a seamless makeup application.

And there you have it: my review. my photos. my swatches. 


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