In our latest “Spotlight On” feature, we introduce to you Sacha Parawan, Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist! Find her on Twitter or Facebook to keep up with her online.

Name: Sacha Parawan

Joined BP in: 2013

I got into hair and/or makeup artistry because… I’ve always had a creative side to me. I found myself attracted to makeup and always wanting to try new things and different looks. You can do so much with makeup and hair…it’s never boring! Who doesn’t want to feel fabulous?

My favourite part about being a hair/makeup artist… is making someone feel glamorous!

My dream celebrity client: Scarlett Johansson…she’s just naturally stunning!

My secret weapon: My NYX lipstick in any shade of red, and of course my MAC Eye Primer.

My must-share beauty tip: It’s not just the face that needs exfoliating…for kissable lips, be sure to exfoliate daily!