The Caryl Baker Visage Notorious Beauty Collection is… FIERCE! What does Notorious Beauty mean? “guaranteed to give people something to talk about…Sometimes, it’s OK to have a reputation. We all want to be fun, flirty and mysterious; the kind of girl who makes an impression and gets people whispering (for the right reasons!)”

 From Top to Bottom: Blush in Dial M for “Makeup ($22.50), Lip Gloss in Corruption ($17.50), Lip Pencil in Desire ($18.00), Eyeshadow trio in Smoldering, Sabotage, and Silhouette ($18.00).

The Eyeshadow trio was a little hit and miss for me. Silhouette (a matte light grey) was a slightly chalky and hard to pick up on a brush and thus, hard to work with. Sabotage (a deep cool brown) was the most buttery of the three and also the most pigmented but had a lot of fallout. Smoldering (a warmer and deeper brown with shimmer) was not quite as smooth but equally pigmented as Sabotage. Each shadow was a little different in terms of formulation, but the colours work well together to create a neutral smoky eye.

The Lip Pencil in Desire is a deep raspberry. The texture of the product is a little on the hard side, but the bold pigmentation makes up for any sort of textural downsides. The Lip Gloss in Corruption is nowhere near as deep dark burgundy in the tube, however it still works well with the lip pencil and smells exactly like a MAC lipglass – a sweet vanilla flavouring. Applying Corruption over the liner, gives the lips a little added shimmer and dimension for a fuller lip.

The Blush in Dial M for “Makeup” is the underdog in this group of products. In the pan, it looks kind of plain, but the matte rose is a kind of “Blonzer” – an odd blush and bronzer hybrid that works perfectly as both a blush and a bronzer colour. I found this blonzer to be extremely long wearing, plus the versatile colour is great for everyday use and very work appropriate because of its subtlety.

All the products in the Siren range work cohesively to create a sultry yet elegant look that’s perfect for the fall season. I think this sort of combo of products makes me look like I mean business. In a nutshell, I love it! The Caryl Baker Notorious Beauty Collection is notoriously beautiful. 

Stephanie Lau is the creator and writer of FUN SIZE BEAUTY, a blog encompassing beauty reviews, handmade accessories, and the occasional food post. Upon discovering a fuchsia lipstick in her mom’s stash at age 12, she fell in love with all things beauty. She started her blog in November 2012 as a creative outlet to share her thoughts on beauty products and escape from the stress of school.  Aside from blogging and beauty, Stephanie enjoys all things travel, photography, DIY, small business, and sample hoarding.  An undergrad Accounting student at the University of Waterloo and an avid multi-tasker, on rainy days you can find her studying the Income Tax Act, watching food network, recreating makeup looks from magazines, and sipping on tea.