the beauty board : consonant body

“the sunscreen blended really well with my skintone …”

“[the rep] had wonderful product knowledge, and the line seems like a worthwhile investment with minimal risk. the sunscreen and moisturizer combo is excellent in place of a bb cream!”

“your hydraextreme is awesome and the body lotion is also very nice. the rep is very personable and approachable!”

“i have used this brand before and really like it. when i asked about products for sensitive skin, the rep gave me a free sample which was really nice!”

“i tried and LOVED their new perfect sunscreen. cannot wait to use it.”

“stoked to use their new sunscreen!!!”

“the perfect sunscreen – lightweight with a nice tint to it and great protection from the sun’s harmful rays. i bought one and i cannot wait to test it out further.”

learn more about consonant body by visiting their website!


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