and they go on and on …

“i really likes the mist and serum; it felt amazing on my skin and I had to buy it.”

“loved the facial mist. it was refreshing and light.”

“the balancing facial concentrate has a nice light clean scent.
it’s not greasy on the skin and is a reasonable price.”

“what a great range of products. representative was helpful to determine
which products may be right for me.”

“the representative was really nice, approachable and friendly. she was informative about the products which helped us understand how it works.”

“the Citrus Facial Mist has a cooling effect  – perfect for a hot humid day.
it has a great refreshing smell …”

“neat all natural line that did not leave my skin feeling sticky.”

” i liked the wide variety of testers and likes hot the products had multiple purposes.
the woman running the booth knows her stuff!”

“Stellar is a really unique product that acts as a moisturizer, makeup remover, primer, etc. – so many uses. would definitely try it out especially in the warmer weather since its so lightweight.”

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