the “b(p)” list : blushpretty+loft


We get to work with some really great people and brands.

Case in point : LOFT! Yes, that LOFT.

We’re pretty chuffed to be joining LOFT at the grand opening on November 14, 2013 of their newest location : Square One! Just in time for the holiday season. 

Many GTA fashion and beauty bloggers (and of course your every day fashion-enthusiasts) were excited when LOFT first came to Canada not too long ago, AND, are just as excited as storefronts keep opening and expanding across the city, making LOFT accessible and nearby to all.

And believe me, you want to live near a LOFT! With a great mix of classic and on-trend pieces – which are further complimented by reasonable price ranges – it’s going to quickly become your “go-to” shop when you are needing to add the right piece to round out your wardrobe or when you need that statement piece for a special event.

Since we are about to embark on the holiday season, which comes complete with low temperatures but high shine, here are some pieces that both LOFT and bp believes should walk right into your closet:

I’m a layering type of girl, so while it might be cold, I still love a good t-shirt as the base of my outfit. However, when the eggnog is flowing and the holiday songs are playing, a sparkly tee on casual Friday is perfectly acceptable. Pair it with jeans or black trousers and hello holidays!

Winter white! Love it. The key to wearing white in winter is wearing it in the right fabric … and this one is soooo right! The texture and sparkle is perfect for the office or for a holiday party. It can take you from your 9 to 5 meeting right into your 5 to 9 cocktails.

Holiday high-shine aside, being warm is also important. Like I said, LOFT isn’t just about being in style, but being timeless as well. A classic sweater in a rich colour like the one above is the perfect addition to your winter wardrobe.

The scarf … the quickest way to take last year’s winter coat and make it new again. LOFT isn’t just about a sweater, a skirt, or a pair of pants – but it is also about great accessories.

So … there you have it. If you aren’t familiar with LOFT, well … better step to it! You cannot flip through a major fashion magazine and not find an advert, or a mention, or a piece from their line in a “what’s hot this season” – type list, so it’s in your best interest to officially add LOFT to your list of “must shop” places. To help you along, we’ve got something for you:


We love a good giveaway!! And so does LOFT.

Take some time this week to leave a comment on this post
and enter yourself to win a
$50 Gift Certificate* to LOFT.

We will accept entries from today until Monday, November 11, 2013.

AND, we have two gift certificates to raffle off!

Thank you in advance for entering and we hope to see you at the opening!

A very big thank you to bp’s Artists Manager, Elaine Atkins, whom just happens to adore LOFT  so much (see her lifestyle blog, Toronto Beauty Reviews) that LOFT went to her about partnering up with a glam squad in the city for this event. She pointed right in our direction. Obviously she is a little biased … but that works in our favour! :)
Thanks Elaine!


*gift certificate will be available for pick-up at the event on November 14, 2013
( but is not required to be spent that day – we just want to see you and meet you!);
arrangements can be made for pick-up or delivery after November 15, 2013

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18 Responses to the “b(p)” list : blushpretty+loft

  1. raz says:

    oh that cable knit sweater is so pretty.. great contest.

  2. Ella Pretty says:

    Can’t wait for the sq1 LOFT location to open – have been in love with their clothes for a looong time!

  3. Steph L says:

    Congrats on the collab! White and glitter is always appropriate for day/night :D

  4. Kiki says:

    I love the winter white shirt!
    It’s so hard to find something that isn’t so summer-y looking and this one is perfect!

  5. Jenelle says:

    i Love LOFT! Great work pants and jackets – perfect for everyday wear to the office or weekend.

  6. hafsa says:

    That cobalt blue sweater is calling my name! Love LOFT. :)

  7. Lindsay says:

    I recently bought my first pair of Loft pants and they fit amazingly well! Have fun at the opening.

  8. Ashley says:

    Oh, how awesome! Congrats on the collab.

  9. Leesh says:

    I’ve never shopped at LOFT so I’m excited for it to arrive at Square One’

  10. Fannie says:

    Loving that textured and sequined white t shirt and the cable knit sweater is super classic.

  11. I am dying for a cable knit sweater this season, and the cobalt shade just makes it more wonderful! I do love me one Loft! What a great contest! Thank you!

  12. Fiona says:

    Congrats Steph & Elaine on the collaboration!!! Can’t wait for the Sq1 location to open up since I can then walk to it in the near future. The bad side of all of this…my wallet will be crying!

  13. Obsessed! I love the (cobalt?) blue sweater, and that dress would look great on tons of body types!

  14. christine says:

    I love their clothes! I am so excited that they are at square one.

  15. Elizabeth Friesen says:

    I love LOFT! That sparkly winter white top has my name written all over it!!! Congratulations on the opening of another great location!!! :D

  16. Karen C says:

    I’ve been meaning to go to LOFT to buy their great fitting pants!
    Great giveaway, Thanks!

  17. i went to the Loft outlet in Orlando and bought me some SWEET things – 2 gorgeous sweaters and 2 pairs of cords that are perfect for Fall. I NEED THIS GC!! PICK MEEEEEEEEEEEE!

  18. Christa says:

    I actually first heard of loft through Elaine! Stopped in when I was at an even downtown and bought the first pair of petite pants I tried on. When the heck does that ever happen?! <3