I’ve got a mad girl crush on Lorde, like many others who’ve either seen/heard her at all in the last year. She’s crazy talented, full of attitude and rocks strong brows and vampy lips like no other. I’m counting down the minutes until her MAC collection launches – I will be anxiously waiting to snatch up the lipstick since it will no doubt be a must-have.

On Sunday, I grew to love her even more when she sent this tweet out to her followers…

…and the internet shouted a collective “amen, sister!”

The world of beauty is a convoluted one, and while we definitely do our share of work in the modeling industry to create beautiful works of art in the form of photography and editorial spreads, it’s important to remember that our everyday selves are beautiful, flaws and all.

If there’s one thing we can take away from something as simple as this tweet, it’s a reminder that confidence and self-love trumps anything a computer can possibly do to enhance our natural selves! Thanks Lorde ;)