The trick to wearing deeper shades whether its day or night is to actually focus on the skin. Pairing a deep wine or aubergine lip with fresh skin makes the look appear casual and effortless rather than the glam it’s often associated with.


The next time you dabble with the idea of wearing your favourite dark shade during 9 to 5, try this : focus on concealing only in the areas you need it – I find under the eyes and around the nose are more than sufficient … along with any prominent pimples or marks. Use a creamy concealer and blend and blend. Finish with a light layer of your favourite tinted moisturizer or light foundation – no sticks, creams or heavy coverage products allowed.

Some cream highlighter over the cheekbones and down the centre of the nose will help to bring some dewiness to drier skin.

Sweep a light, unclumped swipe of mascara and comb the brows up.

Finish with your favourite deep lip shade.