beauty ON Duty: Jennifer dela Cruz, Wedding Planner

December 5, 2012By stephanie

“Those who know me would describe me as being minimalistic or natural since I don’t usually wear any makeup at all.  But more recently I do find myself wearing more makeup on a normal basis.  That’s because I’ve come to realize that with age together with sleep deprivation (having a toddler and a 10-month old takes a toll on your sleep) does a number on your skin.  So makeup has become my new best friend as it tries to hide all my flaws.

Luckily, I have a cousin who is also a make-up artist so she has greatly influenced how I choose my makeup and has taught me how to properly apply it.  My bare essentials would be primer, liquid foundation, and concealer, all of which are from MAC.  This helps even my skin tone and hides the dark circles under my eyes.  I try to blend as much as I can to avoid the cakey look.  The colours of my eye shadow and lipstick would depend on what I am wearing and where I am going, which is essentially either neutral or bold (basically anything with colour since I’m a very “safe” and “boring”, as others would say, person).  Lately, my two favourite shades of lipstick for my neutral days are Spice and Viva Glam IV, both by MAC.  On my more daring and bold days, I would wear black eyeliner together with Brick-o-la lipstick from MAC.  Also, I always try to remember to wear mascara.  My favourite is Hypnose Waterproof from Lancome.  I always make sure that I have waterproof mascara.  I tear up very easily so waterproof mascara is key for me, otherwise I look like a complete mess.  One technique that I’ve learned to do, at least in my cheekbone area, is contouring using bronzer and a highlighter.  I’ll put bronzer under my cheek bone then apply blush just above it.  I’ll also use a highlighter just above that to create more depth.  Whether I’m doing it correctly or not is a whole different story but it works.  I usually do this on special occasions or when I just need to feel “pretty”.  I then finish it off by spraying Fix +. ”

– straight from Jennifer’s mouth …

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Jennifer dela Cruz is the owner and principal event planner of J. dela Cruz Weddings & Events. She is a certified wedding planner providing services in the Greater Toronto Area, and surrounding areas. She received her certification from the Wedding Planners Institute of Canada in 2010 and has planned and coordinated many weddings, themed-showers, and baptisms over the years.