quick beauty: stretch it out …

February 28, 2013By stephanie

It’s enemy number one in my opinion. Enemy. Number.One. If you see any sign of the enemy – take them DOWN!

Every pregnant women is scared of getting stretch marks. Period. It’s bound to happen – whether a little or a lot, around the stomach, maybe the hips, and perhaps the thighs. Stretch marks suck.

The appearance of stretch marks is different for everyone and its look is mostly dependent on the colour of your skin.  For some they are pink and others bright white.  Some women will be subject toreally dark brown ones. Once you get a stretch mark, the key to minimizing the long term effect is to treat it early and quickly.

While there are many products and procedures out there that will claim to minimize, reduce, or even eliminate stretch marks all together, very few actually work. The ones that do are often pricey or very invasive. Your B.F.F. to treating a stretch mark – whether for prevention or to minimize –  is to moisturize. As your skin stretches over your belly, it is important that you adopt a heavy moisturizing routine, perhaps 2 to 3 times daily to keep the skin soft, supple and pliant. The more moisturized and hydrated your skin is – the more willing it will be to stretching and growing without stretch marks. Focus on the key areas to: belly, breasts, hips and butt.

stylelist moodboard: baby on board …

February 27, 2013By stephanie

From top left:
Snugli Stroller with Style Sets
This stroller will save my life. I can’t believe how compact strollers have become. While I haven’t tested it out with baby actually IN the stroller yet, it’s front pivoting wheels allow for easy maneuvering – which I always found troublesome with larger strollers. The Style Sets are sold separately but I love how all the products from this line can be coordinated with one another.
Stila Covertible Colour in Gladiola / Revolution Organics Freedom Glow in Sunkissed
Cream colours can be blended onto the skin with just the fingers and for most colours are suitable for eyes lips and cheeks. They are an A+ option for new moms everywhere – after all, we are all about multi-tasking – right?
Earth to Body Baby Neem Salve
There is always a greener option to treat common baby skin issues like cradle cap and diaper rash. Check out Earth to Body for more options, but I adore this neem salve!
My Little Legs Rocking Rosie Legwarmers
I do have a pair of polka dot ones waiting in the wings – but I can’t resist browsing for more … I love these ones and I also have my eyes on the ones that look like football tube socks!
Nobody can resist baby feet … and furthermore … nobody can resist a baby that has Robeez on their feet. Not only are these well-made and super functional … but they come in fun designs that can match any baby personality!


quick beauty: i was pregnant … not suntanning!

February 27, 2013By stephanie

Through our sister studio, fresh.beautiful: the skin studio, I often meet women whom complain of dark spots and blotches that appeared during pregnancy. This condition is called melasma; for some it appears in blotches freckled over the skin, for others, the entire face – also known as “the mask of pregnancy”.

The darkening of the skin is often caused by your raging and now unpredictable hormones, and for most, after pregnancy, the blotches will fade away. It takes some time, but they will eventually lighten.

Treating this common skin issue is a matter of due diligence during and after pregnancy. Here are some tips to keep it under control:

Practice safe sun. Whether your nine months occurs during summer or the dead of winter, protect your skin with SPF daily. You are producing more melanin than ever, so when you are out in the sun, you’re pushing its production into overdrive which will cause darker spots and take longer to fade.

Stick to a gentle skincare routine. Yes, your hormones are going bi-polar now too and you may be experiencing breakouts. You’ll be tempted to switch up your routine in order to treat your skin and may even start looking to topical ointments or harsher cleansers to help alleviate the situation but that’s not always best. If possible, stick to a very gentle cleansing routine and try to ride the acne wave in stride. Irritating the skin can lead to bigger problems including acne scarring, and since you are producing more melanin – just imagine how dark those scars will become.

Research safe options after pregnancy. Patience is key to seeing an improvement in the skin, so monitor the dark areas after pregnancy for any positive changes. If say, after 6- 9 months post pregnancy the spots have not faded (or have not quick enough), consult with your dermatologist or doctor about your options. Some may suggest topical treatments or even chemical peels.  Others a lightening cream. Some may steer you into laser treatments, whether hot or cold. The key is to do your research first, get recommendations, and make the safest decision for you.