musings from morgan : soft hands, warm kisses shea

December 9, 2014By DJMC

Shea is an ingredient I was always gravitate towards. Having discovered The Body Shop’s Shea body butter years ago, any time I’ve seen the African tree’s extract included in a body care product I’ve immediately been intrigued. It’s incredibly moisturizing and gentle, and works its magic whether on its own as natural shea butter or in products such as The Body Shop’s entire line of shea products.

Enter a perfect little gift to have on your radar – Soft Hands, Warm Kisses Shea from (you guessed it) The Body Shop. A hand cream and lip butter in one package, it’s a perfect little gift to hang on the tree (it’s packaged so it can do just that!) or fit neatly in a stocking.

The hand cream itself is lightweight yet moisturizing, with a sweet scent that’s not too overwhelming. The lip butter is actually a product I’ve had for some time now, and it’s a creamy, hydrating product that can tackle dry, chapped lips during these cold months. It’s a perfect duo for anyone who needs a boost in the moisturizing department and could use products that travel well – these are right at home in any handbag.

The gift retails for just $12.00 (a $16.00 value) and get this – it also supports The Body Shop’s partner charity for the season, War Child. Each purchase of the gift will put approximately 7 cents to the charity which goes towards funding a class for a child. It’s a gift that will not only make its recipient happy, but a child as well.

Happy holiday shopping!

holiday shop #1 : first weekend of december …

December 5, 2014By stephanie

It’s official, we are T minus 19 to the big day. Today also marks the first weekend of holiday shopping for many (not everyone starts their holiday shopping early … like … 95% of us) and I thought that I would direct today’s shopping post to the ones who need the most help : men.

For the average male, there are many women to shop for and you have to make sure the gift is pretty, gives the right message (a lace nighty is probably not the best gift for your co-worker, even if she pointed it out to you in the shop window and even if everyone says she is your “work wife”), and most of all, is perfect for the recipient.

Without further ado …

The Work Wife : Neither of you care to have a “dating relationship” with one another, but you enjoy each other’s company because you have the same humour, hate the same co-workers, and share the same gripes about the office. She’s exactly like you … just in female form! You owe this girl more than a “holiday lunch” on you or that gift card that gets you a meal at Swiss Chalet, Jack Astors or Harveys … her choice. Why not try The Body Shop? May we suggest the Hand Cream Trios in Nutty (our pick!) or Seasonal. Working in a scent free office (perhaps that is something you gripe to each other about …)? Then gift her a set of Real Techniques makeup brushes. The Core Set is always a proper option and she will have everything she needs for a basic flawless face!

The Always-Realiable Assistant : She keeps you in check, keeps you on time, and basically keeps you out of trouble. Your gift should say that you appreciate everything she does and if you had that kind of pull her holiday bonus would match her salary … but you don’t so this is the next best thing. Think holiday palettes! MAC Cosmetics always has great collections come the holiday season and they are always the best bet because the packaging gives everything a luxe feel. Put on your list the MAC Keepsakes Face  which is sure to please and look pretty all unwrapped and partner it up with one of the brush kits too. The Viva Glamourous is also a good bet!

The Best Bro (that’s actually a girl) : Sure, she can hang at the bar and follow the ball game, and she can throw down beer better then your best bro who actually is a bro. But that doesn’t mean your gift to her needs to be a Raptors Jersey. She’s still a chick, dude. You could go the way of your Assistant and do a palette, but it can also be more simple in package since the two of you will probably do the whole “you didn’t have to get me anything” shuffle when actually exchanging gifts. Bobbi Brown is my favourite for beautiful makeup options housed in simple but just as beautiful packaging. Perhaps their Ultimate Lip Gloss Set? Wearable colours for any event in a formulation that is never too sticky or waxy. I wouldn’t mind the Mini Eye and Lip Palette either.

The Super Hard to Shop for Sister : Your sister, whether older or younger will always have your back. Period. Your gift should be one that says you can’t stand her but you love her anyways, and it is the holidays and one of only two times in a year you would spend money on her cause she sucks the other 363 days left over, and you knew she would love this gift.  Shall we direct you to The Luna Mini by Foreo (available at Murale). A T-Sonic cleansing device for all skin types, this portable device deep cleans the skin – resulting in a softer, smoother and more youthful looking complexion almost immediately. You can then hit her with the jab that she needed an anti aging regimen anyway …

The Greatest Girlfriend Ever or the Most Wonderful Wife Ever : Nothing we  say will every top what your significant other is ACTUALLY telling to you. Our best advice to you gentlemen is to listen carefully, follow the very subtle hints, and buy what is on those marked pages in all the magazines and catalogues that she just happens to leave wide open on top of the remote control, by your favourite snack food, or on top of you pillow.  That is the key to your holiday happiness … that and you probably shouldn’t buy anything for your Work Wife … :)


*Stay tuned to Monday when we cover holiday stocking stuffers!


the low-down from laura : kiss nails 2015

December 4, 2014By DJMC

A few weeks ago I was invited to attend the Kiss Nails 2015 product preview and was very excited, to say the least.

The 2015 line will consist of a few great new products which Gina Edwards, Celebrity Manicurist introduced to us. The new range includes

  • KISS Salon Gel French Nail kit;
  • imPRESS Accent Press-on Manicure by Broadway Nails;
  • KISS Salon Secrets Nail Art Glue;
  • KISS Salon Secrets Rococo Veil Kit;
  • Kiss Salon Secrets Luxe Accents; and
  • Kiss Salon Secrets Nail art Pro Tool Kit.

The collection features several items that I just can’t wait to try out like the awesome new impress nail designs and the nail art kit. I was lucky enough to get a complimentary mani at the event, using the Gel French nail kit (available in different lengths and thicknesses), the Rococo Veil kit inspired by french art and a gem from the Luxe Accents kit.

The nails felt comfortable and looked amazing. I also got to walk away with a swag bag and I can’t wait to play! I’m most excited about the nail art collection with the new nail art glue. Gems and jewels have never been easier to apply with this jelly textured product which is the first of its kind and professional grade quality! The glue was designed specifically for nail art and long lasting hold, so now we can all be pro manicurists at home.

Kiss and Broadway Nails also have great Youtube channels where you can check out tutorials and more!

All items will be available February 2015; most items will be available at Walmart, Target, Jean Coutu, London Drugs, Lawtons, Brunet, Familiprix, proxim, pharmasave and Uniprix

Product List and Prices:

  • KISS Salon Gel French Nail kit $13.97
  • imPRESS Accent Press-on Manicure by Broadway Nails $10.99
  • Kiss Salon Secrets Nail Art Glue $4.99
  • KISS Salon Secrets Rococo Veil Kit $6.99
  • Kiss Salon Secrets Luxe Accents $6.99
  • Kiss Salon Secrets Nail art Pro Tool Kit $16.99

made up with mer : clé de peau beauté concealer

December 3, 2014By DJMC

Meet our newest BP contributor, Mer!

I am writing this review exactly 1 year after purchasing the Clé de Peau Beauté concealer.  Yes, 1 year. Kind of crazy, right? The beauty of this product is it expires after 24 months of use, and I can confirm that  you may indeed have it for just that long.

Packaging? Solid. Tube still turns nicely and product is nicely secured. Application is easy (with a small synthetic brush or your finger).

Pigmentation? There are 6 colours to choose from. All are very highly pigmented and provide a ton of coverage. A little goes a long way.

Formula? Smooth for easy application. Not sticky. Not drying. Glides on the skin. Does require setting powder to stay put.

Price? $85. (an investment for sure).

Worth it? I say yes – only if concealer is an essential part of your beauty routine (and who doesn’t need a good concealer?). If $85 is just too much for your beauty budget, consider Hourglass hidden corrective concealer.

Where to buy? Holt Renfrew

As with any new product (especially one this costly), consider trying it out for a day.  Ask the experts at the counter to apply for you – wear it for the day and see how you like it.  It’s never worth buying something that doesn’t work for you no matter what the reviews say!