the low-down from laura : holiday hair & makeup

December 2, 2014By DJMC

It’s that time of year full of holiday cheer, and oh the many parties and events you shall go to – but the big question is, what will you do with your hair and makeup? Don’t panic, because I’ve got you covered with some holiday hair and makeup tips that are simple and will be sure to get everyone’s attention!

When it comes to makeup, let’s be real. Who doesn’t love a classic red lip and cat eye? It never goes out of style, so if in doubt pick your favorite red lippy and liner of your choice for instant glam!  Tip: for more of a stained look, dab the lipstick on and blot until you reach the desired brightness. Layering the colour will also help it last all night. My personal fav red is Russian Red by MAC, which retails for $19.00 at MAC Cosmetics.

Photo Credit David Hou Photography, Makeup by Me

A classic winged liner doesn’t just have to be black either – why not try colour and perhaps a little glitter over the line to make your eyes sparkle? Try using the Stila Sparkle Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner in Royal, a beautiful sparkly purple available at Sephora for $29.00.

You can’t go wrong with a smokey eye, but to amp it up and make it more festive try using metallic shadows which were all over fashion week this fall. Tip: Try wetting your brush before dipping into the colour for a more vibrant effect.

Now that your face is done, let’s move on to hair.

Sometimes the simplest look gives the most wow factor, so try a sleek pony. To achieve the look, pull your hair back into a pony, leaving a ½ inch thick strand of hair out. Next, wrap the hair that you left out around the pony to hide your elastic and pin it in place. Apply a little hair spray to smooth out the top and boom you’re done!

Pony not your thing? Try a bun. You can use a mesh donut and pull that pony through to make a chic bun. Tip: Try leaving out a 1.5 inch strand of hair and braid it, once your bun is in place wrap the braid around the bun. For a thicker braid try using extensions.

Finally, if neither of those are your thing go for bouncy curls. Try using a 1 inch barrel curling iron or curling wand and wrap about 1 inch sections of hair around the iron. Add a little spray and voila, you’re done! Tip: For that beachy textured look use a beach or texture spray like the De-Constructed Texture Tease spray from Garnier. Spray it all over, flip your head and tousle your hair.

Hope these tips help get you through your holiday parties, or why not just call us at BlushPretty ;)

throwback : the faux bob …

December 2, 2014By stephanie

The other day – my middle child, Callum – turned six years old.

As with every passing birthday, regardless of any of my children’s age, I can’t help but feel nostalgic. And I sit here, after an awesome weekend of noisy screaming kids and a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Cake, flipping through all his pictures from birth until just yesterday, and in my “woe is me, my child is getting too big to love his mommy” stupor, I found this video.

In this video, I was actually pregnant with Callum. And I was just starting BlushPretty as a full-time, full fledged, small business (I was birthing two babies!) and more importantly, just starting to dabble in the hair side of things (as you can see by my product choices).

While I uploaded it to YouTube just a few years ago, it was filmed the summer just before his birth, so I was maybe 4, 5 or 6 months pregnant with him. So crazy.

Anyhow, this video still seems relevant given that the wavy bob and lob has recently been thrusted into the spotlight again, thanks to Lauren Conrad.

So here’s to achieving on trend hair even if just for a day … and to a little boy whom
I love way too much.