blushpretty : shades of pink, cocktails, and your BFFs … from BlushPretty on 8tracks Radio.

Getting ready is probably the best part of your wedding day …
that is, aside from walking down the aisle.

We’ve been blessed with the privilege of spending many mornings with brides,
their bridal party and of course their loved ones, and one thing we can take from this experience and share with all you future brides is that :

your bridal beatlist has to be on point!

While we are not DJs, we have heard our share of wedding day prep music
– blasting from iPhones, streamed from YouTube, picked from Songzaa –
all great choices indeed but we thought we might make it easier by stringing together
a few songs we hear often and that always seem to be on point
and get the morning started off right …

We’ll be uploading them to our new profile on!

Our very first playlist is called  “shades of pink, cocktails, and your BFFs ..”
A mix of modern jazz, pop and a little soft rock, its songs that are all about love, your husband(to-be), and how perfect everything will be!

Choose this playlist if …

Your wedding day mantra is :
“it’s classic, but modern …”

Your wedding colours+theme includes :
white, and various shades of pink …

Your husband-to-be is :
the boy next door all grown up, but still geeky cute …

Your bridal party consists of :
your two bffs – the one from grade school and the one from university …

Your bachelorette party was spent :
getting a manicure, and then having High Tea …

Your TV Bride Twin is :
Monica Gellar …

We hope you enjoy this playlist … stay tuned for more!