This month has been a bit busy at the studio, so I haven’t had the chance to attend a lot of beauty events that are happening in and around the city. Sad Face. Luckily for me, Anne G. likes me enough to attend on my behalf. Smiley Face. A couple of weeks ago, she joined several other beauty bloggers for the L’Oreal Paris Summer Cosmetics Product Launch at the TIFF Bell Lightbox.

Since I missed it, I asked Anne to spare me all the details of all the fun she had. Thank you Anne. But she did share with me (and you) a particular item she fell in love with. Her’s her take!

So, I’m a big fan of liquid eyeliner. I wear it on almost a daily basis. Thanks to L’Oreal, I had the opportunity to try their new Infallible Lacquer Liner 24h Eyeliner. This is the first gel eyeliner from L’Oreal (and the first for me).

First off, I loved that the eyeliner comes with a brush that lends itself to great precision and versatility. I’m a liquid eyeliner girl, so I loved that I could create so many different looks with gel liner. I could get a smoky look, or something quite light for spring, or a very dramatic cat eye for evening (very on point this spring). The consistency of this gel liner makes it easy to work with (coming from a non-make-up artist). I also loved the rich pigment of this liner. It goes on black black – and stays on!

I think I may make the switch from liquid to gel eyeliner. It’s easier to work with, and gives you much more versatility for a myriad of looks. Thanks to L’Oreal for opening my (lovely-lined) eyes to gel eyeliner.