Anna L.

Your Name:
Anna Luciano

Your signature look:
I love looking bronzed all year long so I use a matte bronze on the areas the sun would naturally hit (forehead, high cheeks, nose, chin), some blush and lipstick and I’m out the door!

Your not-so-secret beauty regimen:
I get my lashes done every 3 weeks to keep them looking fab and make my signature look quicker to apply.

When was the first time you ever wore mascara/lipstick/blush (choose one) and what happened:
The first time I wore mascara, I was about 12 or 13. I paired it with some heavy black liner. Sounds bad right? It was! I looked like a Raccoon.

Airport security confiscated your makeup bag because you were over in liquids, you would save WHICH product from your makeup bag before letting them toss it out:
I would save my MAC Fix+. I love setting spray as it is a multitasking product. It’s a great refresher for your skin, makes my blush last all day long, even acts a detangler in my hair!

Worst product you ever bought:
The worse product I ever bought was a certain BB Cream. I LOVE BB Creams but this particular one had no coverage whatsoever, and made me feel so greasy and uncomfortable.

Best product you ever bought:
MAC Volcanic Ash exfoliator. My skin feels so amazing after using it. It smells really good and has a sweet taste (not that I tasted it on purpose or anything….)

Your #1 tip for brides: 
Don’t stress! Easier said than done- I know but everything will go exactly as planned. When you’re stressed it really shows in your skin. Drinks lots of water, exfoliate your skin once a week, get a facial- treat yourself, and just breathe!

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