The newest addition to our studio space is The Funk Shop by Ivana Musura. She is one of the coolest chicks I know – no lie.

I met Ivana about 4 years ago now, maybe 3, (who’s counting?) when she came to work as an intern atThe Sewing Studio and I was the person who oversaw (sort of) interns. Fast forward to today and overseeing interns and studio management is now Ivana’s role and I’ve moved on to events.

Ivana is the uber-creative type. Served with a side of serious style. I’ve seen her turn what, sewn by anyone else, would look like a simple DIY denim clutch into a denim clutch with some frill and some unexpected animal print lining that possibly could have come from H&M or Forever 21 etc …

I was not surprised that she has now opened The Funk Shop which showcases Ivana’s eye for unique and funky accessories. All pieces are created using quality leathers, beads, feathers and other fine materials and no two will be alike.

I’m currently rocking her Rum Raisin Roll necklace and I love that these necklaces can add a bit of pop to a simple summer dress. In addition, I can take mine from casual to not-so-casual by layering it with some metal pieces (like a longer gold chain).

We have a selection to choose from at the studio, so please drop by and come Funk yourself. You can also check out Ivana’s etsy shop here.