whaddya mean we’re standing in FRONT of the camera?!

August 12, 2012By admin2

We’re not models!

So, um, yesterday the team and I tried something different. We stood in front of the camera.

It was weird. I don’t know what I could possibly say about the experience other than that none of us were used to it … except maybe Meredith and Arianne both of whom posed like ANTM All-Stars …

But, in the end, we will be walking away with some great headshots and some behind-the-scenes-makeup-and-hair-artists-are-such-dorks pictures.

A very special thank you to our photographers, all of whom put up with a lot of crap when they enter a room with over 10 makeup and hair artists. Thanks so much RhommelKinJeoffrey and Ming!


at the boutique: presenting Kaia Naturals

August 10, 2012By admin2

During the summer months, sweat, oil and grime are pretty much your biggest beauty enemies. Your makeup barely stands a chance and plenty of us opt to go as natural as possible during the warmer seasons. That doesn’t mean you’re not fighting off the greasy grimies still. You definitely are.

A great product to have on hand when you are trying to beat the heat are Kaia Natural Juicy Bamboo Facial Cleansing Cloths. A quick swipe and refresh as you go from office to beach (or patio or dog park or wherever) will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth. With 8 essential oils your skin will be left clean, soft and hydrated.

It’s worth it to have a petite little box stowed away in your tote … come by and visit us at the studio to pick it up.


anecdotes from anne: l’occitane angelica collection

June 27, 2012By admin2

My blooming blogger, Anne, is becoming quite a regular on the beauty scene as she had attended another event back in May 2012 to rep BlushPretty. She visited L’Occitane, located in the trendy and chic Yorkville area, to learn all about their new Angelica line. (more…)

bikini ready yet? philips bikini perfect deluxe bikini trimmer

June 22, 2012By admin2

I don’t know how Victoria’s Secret models do it. I’m not talking about how they strut down the runway wearing next to nothing, or wearing million dollar bras, or cumbersome  wobbly angel wings. I’m not even referring to how one model can easily date her colleagues ex-boyfriend just month’s after their break-up … (looking at you Behati Prinsloo …). That’s probably the really easy stuff … (more…)

wedding wednesday: from day to night

June 20, 2012By admin2

It is not in every bride’s budget to have a makeup artist follow them around all day on their wedding day to ensure that they always look picture perfect. Besides, it’s really easy for a bride to touch up or do a teeny, tiny, makeup change on her own anyway!

Many of my brides are creative, detailed, and open to style and glam – they don’t conform to the traditional style and rules of wedding fashion and beauty. (more…)