Cargo Swimmables Lip Liner

June 23, 2015By DJMC

Summer brings heat and humidity, and heat and humidity bring makeup woes. Waterproof formulas tend to become an essential part of the routine for some of us to avoid anything melting off our faces, and quality ones can be hard to come by.

cargo swimmables 1

Cargo Cosmetics has us covered in the lip liner department. The Swimmables Lip Liners are a girl’s best friend for the beach, the pool or any generally hot days and come in four shades that can work with a range of lipsticks.

I had the chance to try one in Canaria, a brownish/pinkish nude that I decided to wear as a complete lip pencil – it gave me a 90s vibe that’s completely on trend right now and I couldn’t resist wearing it all over.

cargo swimmables 2

I glides on smoothly and the pigmentation is fantastic. It’s a matte-finish product, and really sticks to the lips – there’s no question it can handle a dip in the pool or even the muggiest of summer days. It’s probably best to use as a lip liner, as the formula is a bit drying and does tend to accentuate the fine lines in your lips if you choose to wear it all over like I did. Any dryness becomes that much more obvious. As promised, it doesn’t feather or bleed making it a great product to wear under a typical lipstick.

You can grab this pencil for $19.00 at Murale, London Drugs (though it’s $20 with them) in Canada!

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musings from morgan : cargo hd foundation

June 10, 2015By DJMC

Foundation is one of those things that isn’t really one-size-fits-all. It can take a long time to find one that suits your needs, especially because you have to factor in colour, skin type and preferences for factors like weight, coverage, finish and more.

Personally, I am partial to medium-to-full coverage, matte finish products. I have combination skin with a temperamental t-zone and am always looking for something that will last all day. I had the chance to try Cargo’s HD Picture Perfect foundation, which promised everything I prefer in a foundation so I was pretty stoked to get testing.



An oil-free formula, this HD product is perfect if you’re looking for something to use in a setting where you’ll be taking photos, like a studio. HD foundations like this contain light-diffusing products, meaning your skin will look flawless even under the most intense, brightly-lit situations (think right under the hot lights of a photoshoot). It also means the product is meant to blur skin and give an airbrush looking finish and will blend seamlessly.

The shade I tried was 1N, which appears to be the lightest shade in the line. Unfortunately, it was really yellow on me (I’m super fair and lean more pink than yellow – you can see the difference in my neck and face) but may actually make for a good summer foundation if I catch a tan…but we’ll have to wait and see. I applied with a beauty blender and was so impressed with the finish and coverage. It truly blends beautifully on the skin and a little goes a long way to mask imperfections. It’s also suitable for all skin types, and I found it worked great on my skin.


I can get away with wearing it when I use a brightening concealer and some contouring products as a more dramatic, going-out look, but as an everyday foundation the shade is just too yellow. If it was a perfect match, this would no question be a go-to foundation for round the clock wear!

At $42.00, it’s a great option if you’re in the market for an HD foundation and on par with most like it. Grab it from Cargo Cosmetics directly, Murale stores, or!

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musings from morgan : mary kay mineral cheek duos

June 4, 2015By DJMC

As our days get nicer, my makeup routine tends to change – one major thing being the addition of bolder blush. There’s something about spring & summer days that makes me want to add some more colour wherever possible.


Mary Kay’s new Mineral Cheek Duos landed on my vanity just in time for the transition and I was thrilled to give them a whirl. They come in three shades: Spiced Poppy, Ripe Watermelon and Juicy Guava. Each blush is matte, and is paired with a pearlized highlighting shade perfect for sweeping just above the cheekbone (or anywhere else you want to add a little highlight).

Out of all three, I’d have to say my favourite is Juicy Guava – it’s a light coral shade with a golden highlighter and I love how it look against my blue eyes. Check out the swatches below.


Juicy Guava


Spiced Poppy


Ripe Watermelon

Bring on summer! You can grab these for $20 each from or your fave Mary Kay rep :)

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musings from morgan : l’Occitane cedrat for men

April 7, 2015By DJMC

Every once in a while, a chance comes up to test drive the latest offerings from a brand that are specific to men. It’s always fun to volunteer my better half Brad when these chances come up, so when L’Occitane connected with BlushPretty to share their new men’s line I was quick to sign him up!

Cedrat is a new fresh, masculine fragrance and skincare line from L’Occitane that addresses the needs of young men’s skin. The scent itself is fantastic – really clean and crisp, with a woodsy feel. The main ingredient, Cedrat essential oil, a citrus fruit known for its positive effects on the skin. It’s perfect for guys who aren’t looking for anything over the top or too aggressive.

Brad had a chance to sit down with the folks at L’Occitane and hear about the line in detail, all while indulging in a full grooming session using the products complete with a wet shave. He got to see firsthand the brightening and mattifying effects of the skincare products, and freshen up with the scent.

The skincare line includes:

  • Cedrat Global Face Gel ($42.00/50 mL)
  • Cedrat Shaving Gel ($20.00/150 mL)
  • Cedrat After-Shave ($36.00/75 mL)
  • Cedrat Pure Cleanser ($24.00/150 mL)

On the fragrance side, they’re carrying:

  • Eau de Cedrat ($56.00/100 mL)
  • Cedrat Shower Gel ($22.00/250 mL)
  • Cedrat Stick Deodorant ($24.00/75 g)
  • Cedrat Soap ($8.50/100 g)

Brad was lucky enough to try the entire line and take it home with him for proper testing. The verdict so far? Brad says, “I’ve seen a difference in the shine on my face and like that the fragrance isn’t too much compared to some of the other scents I’ve tried in the past. I don’t want to have to think too much about skincare and this line gives me everything I need and keeps it simple. I’m happy!”

The range will be available in all L’Occitane boutiques beginning in June 2015.

– morgan –

battle the winter blues

January 22, 2015By DJMC

January is probably my least favourite month. Between the cold weather, short days, and that hangover-ish feeling after the holidays it can be hard to get fired up about life day after day.

I asked our team of contributors what they turn to in their makeup bag to help fight the winter blahs, because there’s no denying the power of beauty to at least provide a boost in your mood every now and then. Mine is probably pretty obvious – a bright lipstick always does the trick, especially if it’s a spring shade!

– Morgan


Avon Moisture Therapy Intensive Healing and Repair Hand Cream is my go-to as my hands gets very dry during the winter months and this is a hand cream that works for me.

Pelle Beauty Stellar Facial Oil is a beauty pick me up that I use everyday. 2-4 drops of this does wonders in keeping my face moisturized throughout the day and it also does a great job of removing makeup.

Mikayla Beauty Luxury Lip Butter Balms are a staple in my purse, coat jacket, makeup bag and my night stand. This product keeps my lips hydrated and each of the four scents (The Original One, French Vanilla, Chocolate Peppermint, and Peaches & Dream) smell amazing.

Finally, nail polish is a beauty pick me up that make me very happy. When I see all the different brands coming out with new collections, I can’t wait to start shopping and painting my nails with the newest colours.”

Laura Amaya

“During the winter months what always gets me down is having bad skin! Its something I’ve struggled with year after year. I tend to get super dry to the point of itchiness, but then I met First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream and Vasanti’s Brighten Up! These two products have quickly become my holy grails and are what have made my winter days less drab. I exfoliate about 3 -4 times a week and I use the first aid Beauty Ultra Repair cream everyday. My skin has never looked better – I just use a little mascara paired with my great skin and out the door I go!”


“A fun nail polish is a nice pick me up in the winter.  This little gem is called teddy girl from butter london.  A lovely intro to spring, this bubblegum pink is a good little lift :)”