Let me start off by saying, that I think every girl or boy needs a beauty space in her bedroom or bathroom. It doesn’t matter how big or small, she just needs a space to take care of theyself.

If you’re taking time during this locked down to redecorate, here are my top tips on setting up the perfect vanity table.

Before you begin, do a purge. Now is a great time to go through all the product that you’ve collected over the years and do a clean out. I know it’s hard to let go of stuff, but as Marie Kondo says if it doesn’t spark joy … well, you know the rest. Start by tossing out anything expired, anything broken that can’t be salvaged, and of course, anything you haven’t used and know you never will.

Collect your trays, pots, and dishes. Think empty vases or candle holders, resin or metal trays/dishes, or pretty tins and boxes from beauty brand limited additions. Choose your favourites and put them on display as these can be re-purposed to hold make up brushes, organize lipsticks, and display your favourite fragrances atop your vanity. Organization is organization, but it’s better when it’s pretty!

Put out your essentials. Make getting ready easier in the morning by placing your everyday favourites within arm’s reach. This means your favourite skincare, base products, and tools. No more wasting time digging through makeup bags or drawers for that creamy concealer you just used yesterday (where did it go?!?!). Instead, dedicate them to a tray or holder (see above) that’s on your vanity.

If you buy one thing, buy drawer dividers! I like the acrylic trays and dividers from Muji. They are stackable and inexpensive. Do a review of all your makeup and beauty product that didn’t make star status on top of your vanity. This includes accounting for different sizes of palettes, lipstick bullet and case shapes, and other products and tools. Buy your dividers accordingly. Use them to keep all those items upright and organized inside a drawer. No more shifting around every time you open and close!

Dedicate space to your tools. While I believe that a set of makeup brushes should stay on top of your vanity, make sure you dedicate a drawer or small box to makeup remover, tissue, cotton swabs, and sponges. It’s great to keep them close to fix all your beauty MISTAKES, but nobody else needs to know you make them! As far as they know … you apply makeup like a pro!