Don’t let this picture fool you. Setting up virtual lessons and tutorials IS A LOT HARDER THAN IT SEEMS! Especially when you’re trying to make use of the tools you have on hand or keeping gizmos and gadgets to a minimum.

This isn’t even my work. All of it was set up by my two assistants, Jessie and Ella. They unfortunately had to keep resetting the camera tripod and phone set up several times over because I kept knocking it down (sorry girls!). They did all the tests to make sure the lighting was right, that the framing was dead on … and that I looked decently slim on camera. Thanks girls!

But the good news is we are NOW ready for all things virtual while in lockdown. It’s also convenient for those who feel safer staying at home until COVID-19 is fully under control.

Our virtual set up is ready for :

* virtual consultations for brides and events
* beauty lessons for both individuals and groups
* makeup and hair artist training and development

Ready to take the next step in your beauty adventure? Email us at to set up your virtual appointment!