So, have you seen the movie High Note yet?  Better yet, have you taken the time to re-watch every episode of Girlfriends during lockdown?  You haven’t? Huh.  Well, I have …

I don’t know how to explain it, but Tracee Ellis Ross is magnetic. I loved her as the diva Grace Davis in the movie, and fully support her adorkability as Joan Clayton in Girlfriends. What I adore most is her big personality and bold sense of style as seen all over her Instagram.

When it comes to beauty, Ross is no stranger to colour. Whether its a fiery red on her lips, or a wash of pink over the eyes her beauty style is eye-catching but always feels attainable … reachable … wearable (!) for the girl next door. Here is why it works for her :

She knows her features.
Ross has a killer bod … no doubt! But for the face it’s all about her eyes and her lips – and that’s where bold colours live.  You will notice she often chooses one feature to highlight with a pop of colour, though at times, she may do both. She tends to use reds and wines on the lips, and bright pastels, pinks or purples on the eyes.

She uses her hair to frame the look.
It in the genes. Her mother has fantastic hair … and so does she. She knows it. When her eyes are on point and her skin is a glow, she pulls her hair back in simple sleek styles to showcase the look. When she is having fun with her lips, you’ll often see a bit more texture in the hair, perhaps a braid or two, or it will be left loose.

She leaves her skin looking natural and soft. 
I think this is where I am Tracee, and she is me. She likes her skin looking like its real.  Her complexion is never too matte or powdered.  It’s always creamy and glowy which brings an ease to her use of bold colours, almost like she skips powders and just sets her makeup with a great setting spray.

If you’re STILL not convinced of her iconic beauty, watch High Note on Crave today.  You’ll see!