Lucy Boynton is not afraid of eye makeup. Period. Full stop.

Earlier this week in our Instagram #beautypoll, our readers and followers agreed that having fun with eye makeup and colour is king; therefore Lucy Boynton is the ruling Queen.

Boynton is a true risk-taker when it comes to shadow, liner and glam. Very rarely will you see her without some sort of unexpected eye look. She plays with everything from graphic black liner, to rainbow hues, to pink or red shimmers.

Here are the key takeaways for duplicating Boynton’s eye-catching looks:

Brush up the brows. Lightly fill in the brows and keep them looking natural and full. Brush them up and out and blend well. Let them be a soft frame and leave the lids and lashes to do the work!

Skip the heavy base. Even out the skin tone and opt for a soft matte finish. Keep it light and don’t contour unless absolutely necessary for the look. Keep dewy textures, shimmer and highlight to a minimum as well.

Mascara is your friend. When it comes to a signature Lucy Boynton eye, more mascara is more mascara. Think black, think super-curled, think almost clumpy (but not really). Several coats of mascara should finish any eye look – the longer the better!

Ready to try a look for yourself? Can’t wait to see it! Please share your looks on IG and tag us over at @blushprettyteam.