My go to trick for looking like a naturally pretty kinda gal is too focus on my brows and blush. I personally think you an get away with a lot just by filling in the brows and adding a bit of sheer glow to the cheeks. No need for the extras: shadow, lipstick, liner! (On the flipside: properly done brows and blush complete all looks: statment lip, smokey eyes, bronzy glow).

Filling in your brows doesn’t require much: a brow powder or pencil is all you need and a spoolie or brow brush to blend it all together. Fill in sparse areas with light upward strokes and if needed, extend the tail a bit by using a sharp point of a pencil or the tapered end of a slanted eyeliner brush with some powder. Comb through to soften your application and blend your product strokes with your natural hairs.

You should know me by now – I favour cream blush for the most natural look but I am also keen on sheer, satin or matte finish blushes. I avoid using blushes with heavy shimmer unless its a major event for the sheer fact that nobody glows shimmer! If I want an ethereal glow, I will add a drop of a pearlescent or gold toned liquid highlighter to a cream blush and that’s it. I apply the mix to the upper area of the cheeks,and then if I need some intensity, I’ll dust on a hint of a complimentary powder blush.

These two things on any morning leaves me feeling polished and ready for the day. I will swipe on some clear gloss or balm and head out the door.

Products from top left: Becca Beach Tint; NARS Cream Blush; Laura Mercier Brow Definer; EcoTools Slanted Eyeliner Brush; smashbox Halo Highlighting Wand; MAC Veluxe Brow Pencil.