Masks are going to be a way of life for awhile … maybe forever. If it means keeping everyone healthy and safe, I’m all for it. Anything to get  us out of this lockdown faster.

Speaking of lockdown, I’ve taken all this extra time to have some fun on Instagram, especially with polls. Every Sunday night, I’ve been posting plenty about brides, weddings, and beauty and the ‘grammers have been weighing in.

This past Sunday, it was all about bold and bright eye makeup to compliment your masks. Here’s what the beauty republic had to say …

A wash of colour over the lids is a yes.
The people voted that a jewel-toned wash of colour is A+ but your choice of colour does make a difference. It was almost 50/50 on bold shades of greens or purples, but a fiery bronze was a fan favourite. The trick to making an impact with a wash of shadow is to blend well and take it all around the eye, top and bottom.

If you can’t do bright shadow, liner is a viable option.
If you cannot commit to doing the full lid, try eyeliner. BlushPretty fans voted favourably for thick swipes of liner in all sorts of shades, though pink fell lower on the scale versus teal and green. Also, switch it up by tracing the colour heavily at the bottom lash line as opposed to the top. You can anchor the look by tight lining the eyes in black or brown and applying mascara.

Don’t count out neons and pastels.
The ‘grammers have spoken : neons and pastels have a place in your makeup wardrobe. Have fun with it! We all need something to brighten up our day. Try a touch of neon yellow or pastel pink in the inner corner of the eyes and grow from there!

Looking for more inspiration like this? Tune into our stories on Instagram, @blushprettyteam, every Sunday night and cast your vote!

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