I don’t know how Victoria’s Secret models do it. I’m not talking about how they strut down the runway wearing next to nothing, or wearing million dollar bras, or cumbersome  wobbly angel wings. I’m not even referring to how one model can easily date her colleagues ex-boyfriend just month’s after their break-up … (looking at you Behati Prinsloo …). That’s probably the really easy stuff …

I’m actually talking about them wearing the itsy bitsy underwear without worrying about the landscaping situation down there. I’m pretty sure they are comfortable being spread eagle in front of a bikini waxer for a brazillian. In fact, they probably have a standing appointment …

You will never find me in that tiny horribly lit room at the back of the salon waiting for a bikini wax. I’m the type of chick that thinks straddling a bike in a skirt with bicycle shorts on underneath as “just enough skin to be possibly seen by the public”. But with two kids and a summer ahead comes endless invites to go to the pool, requests to go to a pool, and sheer tantrums over me taking them to the pool. I need to be bathing suit (never a bikini) ready to go.

To get a little personal, I’ve always handled my own ladyscaping. I’ve dabbled with cream and at home wax removers – all very messy and all very chemically strong. It takes a long time to do the whole process, plus you actually need to find time to do it all … it’s not fun.

Hellllooooo Philips!

Their Bikini Perfect Deluxe Bikini Trimmer has knocked of a good ten to fifteen minutes of the entire chore. It’s neater, easier, and best of all PAINLESS. At first, the idea of taking something with the word trimmer in its name to THAT sensitive area is a little daunting … but once you come up with your plan of action, you won’t be able to understand why you didn’t think of using a trimmer before!

What I love best about this product is the shape and weight  – the handle of the trimmer fits perfectly in the hand which allows for a comfortable grip. It’s also lightweight.

It also comes with an adjustable precision comb so that you can trim your bikini line down to 5 different lengths. This sounds so weird to be talking about it … but I suppose it allows those who want to look pre-pubescent to do so and on the flip, those who still want to be a little bit au naturel … au naturel. Either way, the comb acts as a guard against taking off too much in one area which means mistake-proof!

I’m thoroughly impressed with this handy little tool, and it’s made the whole hair situation much more pleasant to maintain. I’m not suprised though at this effectiveness. A while back I started using the Philips Satin Perfect Epilator for my legs and underarms and have not used a shaver since … not only does the hair not come back for weeks, but the skin in both the underarm and leg area are much smoother and less dry overall!