cool people i get to meet: foxy originals …

August 29, 2012By stephanie

Luckily for me, I get to work with some pretty awesome people! And the end result is always better than I could imagine. I was very lucky to be introduced to Foxy Originals via my awesome baby bro, Justin Borja. I did the makeup and hair for the photoshoot for their Fall 2012 collection and Justin put together these great videos for their newest line of belts, necklettes, and scarfs!


Foxy Originals – “The Four Way Silk Scarf” from Justin Borja on Vimeo.

Foxy Originals – “Necklettes” from Justin Borja on Vimeo.

Foxy Originals – “Skinny Belts” from Justin Borja on Vimeo.


we’re back!

August 21, 2012By stephanie

Alright. So I am a week and a bit late on the promise I made in my last post saying that the freshly made-over website would be up and running in early August.  I apologize!

But better late than never right … and better that we had it put together perfectly first too. Right?!

So welcome! Welcome to my super duper, flashy, awesome new site for and BlushPretty: Makeup+Hair Artistry. It’s taken me 8 years, and much fiddling with things like widgets, social media, photoshop, and what-not to break out of my comfort zone and try a new platform for the site. I really hope you like it.

From this new site (which is mobile device friendly might I add) you can:

stay up to date on beauty news with the blog
check out artist portfolios (that is, when I add in all the photos!)
find  out what services we offer
view behind the scene images from our tumblr page
check out our latest creatives from our photoshoots

Fun, right? Yeah. I know!

We will be getting back to our regular posting schedule starting next week (yay!). In the meantime, there are a lot of people who deserve some finger snaps.

I would really like to thank Natasha B of NLB Production for creating this new site for me, really listening to what I wanted and knowing beforehand what I needed. She has put up with a lot from me over the years: creating graphics, adding some cool features, doing a bunch of stuff I had no clue about … only for me to change/edit/delete/re-add it/mess-it-up-and-ask-for-help at a later date. (Sorry Natasha!) She’s the kind of designer you want: executes everything as you wanted it … but doesn’t keep you from trying to do your own things!

A lot of the new images you have been seeing lately from the team and on this site are courtesy of a group of fantastic photographers! A good friend of mine, Jonathan Ponce, long ago introduced me to Rhommel Bernardino, who the team regards as our head photographer guy! Sounds professional right? Rhommel in turn introduced us to his photography group and we now welcome (and often drive crazy – like up the wall and out the door nuts kind of crazy) Kin Hai and Jeoff Francisco as part of the BlushPretty team … but we don’t let them do makeup or hair … just the photos. I couldn’t have built this team and their portfolios without these three guys. Really. We owe them a lot. Thanks boys. Honourable mentions should also go out to Ming, Dimitris, Pavel, and Ed.

Last but not least, I really do have to thank my WHOLE team. The artists who have joined BP whether from three years ago or just a couple of months back have really encouraged the development and growth I have always wanted to see BlushPretty make. In addition, Elaine elaine elaine … thanks to Elaine and her mutant like organizational skills, I have been able to push other areas of the business forward while she sweats the small stuff. I make her sweat a lot. Thanks Elaine (and sorry!)

Okay – I’ve typed to much. Perhaps because I haven’t written anything in like three weeks!

Enjoy the new site folks!


whaddya mean we’re standing in FRONT of the camera?!

August 12, 2012By admin2

We’re not models!

So, um, yesterday the team and I tried something different. We stood in front of the camera.

It was weird. I don’t know what I could possibly say about the experience other than that none of us were used to it … except maybe Meredith and Arianne both of whom posed like ANTM All-Stars …

But, in the end, we will be walking away with some great headshots and some behind-the-scenes-makeup-and-hair-artists-are-such-dorks pictures.

A very special thank you to our photographers, all of whom put up with a lot of crap when they enter a room with over 10 makeup and hair artists. Thanks so much RhommelKinJeoffrey and Ming!


at the boutique: presenting Kaia Naturals

August 10, 2012By admin2

During the summer months, sweat, oil and grime are pretty much your biggest beauty enemies. Your makeup barely stands a chance and plenty of us opt to go as natural as possible during the warmer seasons. That doesn’t mean you’re not fighting off the greasy grimies still. You definitely are.

A great product to have on hand when you are trying to beat the heat are Kaia Natural Juicy Bamboo Facial Cleansing Cloths. A quick swipe and refresh as you go from office to beach (or patio or dog park or wherever) will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth. With 8 essential oils your skin will be left clean, soft and hydrated.

It’s worth it to have a petite little box stowed away in your tote … come by and visit us at the studio to pick it up.