on the prowl: makeup+hair artists needed

June 15, 2012By admin2

It’s been a great year so far for the team. Like, a really great year. :)

The BlushPretty team has experienced a lot of growth with respect to the number of artists we have on the team, the number of brides we work with, the number of opportunities that come our way. We’ve had fun with photoshoots, fun with volunteering for events, fun with hanging out at the studio.
And with growth, comes need. (more…)

get lippy

May 30, 2012By admin2

It’s beginning again.

That time of year when I cannot be bothered to wear a lot of makeup. Only because I cringe at the thought of putting in all the effort to look polished and professional, only to watch it melt off my face moments later.  (more…)

the beauty board: pure+simple

May 7, 2012By admin2

A really great addition to The Beauty Board this year was Pure+simple. Not only did their appearance create some buzz prior to the event, but at the event, everyone flocked to their table. They were definitely an treat to have because guests were invited to relax and have complimentary facials. I am so happy that they agreed to take part. (more…)