Photo by Stephanie Daga
Hair by Samantha Wilson
Creative Photoshoot – Portfolio Building Package

Our new Whitby studio, located at the centre of downtown Whitby, is a little gem. Not only is it a space for us to meet with brides and clientele, the studio lends itself well for creative development and photography.

One of the things we used to do as a makeup and hair team is set up creative beauty shoots for BlushPretty artists to use in their online portfolios and to generate content for sharing with and inspiring both friends and followers. It was an opportunity for our seasoned artists to try new looks and push their creative envelopes, and for new artists to build their portfolios.

Sometimes we did this with a chosen dream team, bringing in photographers, stylists and models to produce magazine-worthy photos. And other times, we encouraged artists to bring in a camera-ready friend to model while using natural light and a great camera to take just as stunning images. Whatever the plan – the studio has always been and will always be about inspiring creativity and helping artists flourish.

Starting this July 2020, we will be opening our Whitby studio doors to newly-minted beauty artists, creative teams, and photographers as a space to build and create together and to seek inspiration. With reasonable hourly rates starting at $40 per hour, photographers, stylists, and artists can book the Whitby studio to set up their own photoshoots, bring in their own teams, and create their own magic

Are you a new beauty artist trying to get your feet on the ground but have no idea where to begin? We can help you by getting started with some basic packages focusing on beauty shots to show off your skill set. Whether you’re enlisting the help of a few friends to model, or want to bring an idea to full-blown fruition – we can help you get there. With Portfolio Building workshops starting at just $125, getting your brand of beauty on film and online is just a booking away.

In-Studio Photo
Photo by Stephanie Daga
Hair by Samantha Wilson

Contact us at the studio for more details. Call us at 416.727.1754 or email us at

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