Every Bride Needs a Happy and HEALTHY Bridal Party …

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Getting married soon? You’re probably wondering how you can keep you and your bridal party safe while coming into contact with all the various vendors and guests on your wedding day. It’s tricky, especially since the days of the handshakes and social hugs and kisses are a thing of the past.

Rest assured, your wedding day vendors will all have a plan and protocols in place. In addition, you shouldn’t shy away from setting your own boundaries for what you and your bridal party are comfortable with. When it comes to makeup, a whole new level of precaution must be taken on both sides. In a time when masks are slowly becoming the norm, how can you ensure that both you and your makeup artist stay safe and healthy?

Your artistry team will more than likely being using more disposable/single use sponges and wands. Their brushes will be clean and sanitized and their workstation will be wiped down and cleaned repeatedly. And of course, PPE will be worn at all times as needed.

Even if your artistry team is A+ on their post-COVID practices, you can continue to level up the standard of safety by taking on a few tasks of your own. It IS a few more things to organize and plan for – but it will help to ease any concerns you may have. As a bride, you can further protect yourself and your bffs with the following three tips :

Designate a separate space for beauty prep.
If and when possible, set up your beauty area separate from where the whole group will be socializing and getting ready. An area in either a separate room or in the corner of the room where there isn’t much traffic is ideal. Bonus tip : Set this area up near a bathroom or sink so that frequent hand washing and cleaning can be done with ease.

Request that your bridal party bring their own product and tools.
Maybe they don’t have to bring their entire makeup kit, but perhaps they can arrange to bring their favourite set of brushes (washed and sanitized), their go-to mascara, and favourite lipstick and lipgloss. This actually doesn’t have to be a post-COVID only practice, we’ve always encouraged brides and bridal parties to use their own mascara and lip colours when possible. Try this : You can make a new makeup brush set part of your bridal party gift! Brands like Real Techniques, sell quality brush sets for as little as $24.99 CDN.

Considering booking or hiring more artists.
Perhaps your mobile beauty team can provide to you more than one artist, or maybe you can book two or three different freelance artists to divide your bridal party between. Doing this allows both you and the makeup artists to control the amount of faces they come into contact with, and it gives the artist more time to sanitize all tools and products between faces WITHOUT sacrificing your schedule and risking running late. Booking advice : Ask your current or potential artistry team for all the options available for number of artists. Be sure to let them know your bridal party size, location, and schedule for them to give you the best advice.

Here’s to happy and healthy wedding day, post-pandemic!

Tips and Tricks : Getting your Best Hair on your Big Day …

February 18, 2020By stephanie

Just like a trip to the hair salon for a new cut and colour can make you anxious and leave you feeling stressed, so can getting your hair styled for your wedding day by a mobile hair artist. When you’re day to day life is filled with ponytails and topknots, trying to imagine yourself in the prettiest and most perfect updo can be overwhelming.

It’s important for a bride-to-be to understand that your hair trial run is exactly that – a trial run – a preview of what can be achieved. It’s the opportunity to go over your inspiration photos and ideas, and for you to communicate with your artist what you’re looking for. A great artist will also help you manage your expectations : she or he will let you know what will work and not work with your hair type and face shape and also provide suggestions on how to tweak your chosen hairstyle to flatter your unique self. The key to a successful trial run is to understand that the end result is never set in stone. It can be adjusted and tweaked and changed up right up until the wedding day itself.

And the best way to get there : knowing how to communicate!

One of the biggest obstacles to being happy with a trial run is not knowing how to describe what you want. Here’s a glossary of some of the “hair words” that when used correctly WILL achieve the hair you really want :

Volume : In an updo, volume means the fullness and height you want to achieve in your overall look; if you have straight, fine or flat hair you are most likely looking for lots of volume, and usually you’re looking for this around the crown and the perimeter of the face. Be careful when using this term as “volume” is a scale … it can go from very subtle to beehive proportions. When it comes to trying to figure how much is too much – pictures are better than words. So bring photos to describe your desired fullness.

Body : This can be used interchangeably with volume, but most artists will usually use it more when referring to hair that’s left long and loose. How much movement, bounce and fullness do you want with your hair and curls? It’s the difference between wearing your hair smoother and sleeker (think Kim Kardashian straight) or bold and big (think lush supermodel blowouts of the 90’s)

Smooth/Sleek : These two words are usually used together as “I want it smooth and sleek”. To a hair artist, we understand this to mean clean, polished and very classic. This request is often paired with photos of classic french twists and very structured updos. We will be more likely to use plenty of freeze hairspray for an updo, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll end up with helmet head. Smooth and sleek in an updo might mean less movement in the hair, and with hair left loose, it may mean straight with minimal body or volume. That said, curls can still be “smooth” – your hair artist might leave the curls or waves intact instead of breaking them up or brushing them out (for example, Hollywood glam waves can be smooth and sleek)

Tousled : This is the word every bride who wants perfectly imperfect hair needs to learn. Tousled means you want the hair to have movement, to look windblown, or to be effortlessly swept back. It can be both romantic and bohemian. Tousled and volume usually go hand in hand. Your artist will usually incorporate some teasing and the breaking up or brushing out of curls to achieve this look. Keep in mind, when you ask for tousled, you should expect to see strands of hair that are left loose, or hair that you might think are “flyaways” but are actually part of the “tousled” aesthetic.

Texture : When you ask us for texture, you’re asking us to add to or change your hair type. We might add curls, waves, or crimping to the hair to give it more oomph for a tousled style. We might run a flat iron through it so we can give you that smooth classic french twist. Texture overall refers more to your existing hair type (straight, wavy, kinky) and what texture you actually want.

Knowing how to use the above words will affect how much teasing, curling, straightening and pinning your artist will need to do. It will also help guide them with the products they will use on your hair, and also help them provide you with the right hair prep instructions.

Remember : communication is key! Why not start communicating with us and see if we can help you get the hair you always dreamed of?

#BridalInspo : The Romantic and Soft Updo …

August 16, 2017By stephanie

In case you were wondering, it is possible to do a nice, clean updo that still is soft to both the eye and the touch. Many times, we get brides who are 100% freaked out that their updo will look too constricting and overdone butat the same time, are scared that “too loose” will mean it will fall apart before they say “I do”.

It’s a fair fear …

But still, a bride has nothing to be anxious about. Your hair artist will ensure that your soft updo will be pinned properly and of course treated with the right products (hairspray anyone?) to ensure all day wear without a slip-up in sight. On your end, you just have to put a bit of trust in your artist and also, follow his or her prep instructions for the wedding day. The more you invest in adhering to their prep instructions, the more your chosen soft ‘do will stay in place and turn out just the way you like it.

Hands-off the style is also key. Don’t fuss or touch your ‘do that much and this goes for the entire bridal party … they should NOT be touching your hair or pushing pieces or “testing” if certain pieces are pinned in or if a section of the hair would look better “this way …“.

You hired your hair artist for a reason – because they are the expert.

This particular updo required that the bride wash and dry her hair the day prior. She left it dry and as is for me the day of her appointment. I went in with a 1 inch curling iron and curled medium pieced sections around the barrel. A bit of twisting with some hidden bobby pins throughout allowed me to create the fullness around the crown and sides of the hair.

Interested in this style for your wedding day? Start by booking a trial run with us at either of our Toronto-based locations. Contact us at 416.727.1754 to book today!


Looking into Artistry Teams? Be Sure to Ask These Questions …

April 5, 2017By stephanie

Now, I might be a little bit biased, but I think the planning of your makeup and hair needs for your wedding day is the best part of your planning process. THE. BEST! I mean, think about it – you have the perfect excuse to peruse beauty boards on Pinterest all day, to visit every Sephora within a reasonable radius for samples, and to get your makeup and hair done a few times before the actual wedding date itself. Fun … fun … and more fun!

Choosing and working with an artistry team is also very fun, but to make it go smoother and easier it’s always a good idea to start of with a proper consultation before you schedule a trial run or book a wedding date. Consultations should be treated like a mini-date … a getting to know you kind of thing. Why? Because your artistry team will be spending a significant portion of your wedding day with you and your bridal party. They should fit right in with you guys and the vibe should feel comfortable and cozy and most importantly – trustworthy. You have to be able to trust your artistry team! Consultations can help you pinpoint whether a team is a yay or nay for you … especially before you start shelling out deposits and balances!

But how does one do a consultation? What questions should you ask? Here’s a quick guide on the top 10 questions (and their sub-questions that relate to them) that you should ask before making the right decision :

  • What would you say your beauty style is, and what looks are you really strong at doing?
  • This is the type of style I’m looking for, are you comfortable with doing this look and also, do you think this look is doable for me? If not, what adjustments can be made?
  • Do you have any tips or suggestions for me to prepare me for the trial run and/or for the wedding day itself?
  • I’m concerned about these specific issues (e.g. foundation matching properly, allergies to products, etc.) – how do you correct or address this problem?
  • For a party of my size, how many artists will be present to provide services? What is the experience of your assistants?
  • How long will it take to complete my entire bridal party? What can we do to make sure we run on time?
  • What is your backup plan if you are unable to provide services on my wedding day because of an emergency?
  • Are you flexible with changing numbers of my bridal party or a change in services? What are my options for adding or cancelling services?
  • What do you need in terms of set-up and lighting at my home, hotel room or venue? What will you bring with you to complete services?
  • Do you have any concerns or questions about the scope of mine and my bridal party’s beauty needs for the big day?

Keep this list handy before you go in for your consultations. Take notes and compare the answers and decide which artistry team had the best answers that made you feel like you were in good hands. In addition, keep in mind how you felt just being in the presence of the booking agent, artists, or team leader. In the end, choosing the right team is about the team that provides you the best service, but also, gives you the best feeling in your gut!

scene+heard : lily and tony on nearlyweds.com

April 6, 2016By stephanie

There is so much more to a bride’s wedding day than just the walk down the aisle, and lucky for us, we sometimes get to be a part of all those moments as well. This can include makeup and hair services for bridal showers, bachelorette  and much more … like engagement shoots.

Our friends at Two Bright Lights recently shared with us that a recent bride we worked with, Lily, and her engagement shoot with her fiancé Tony, were featured over at Nearlyweds.com. YAY!

Lily came to us for makeup and hair services when preparing for this shoot, and our BP artists, Giselle and Samantha, were happy to oblige.

Ave just seen the photos, courtesy of Ten 2 Ten Photography and couldn’t believe how pretty they are. They definitely show the beauty of this couple and the love between them. Congratulations to Lily and Tony, and thank you for choosing BP to be a part of it.

Feel free to view the entire gallery over at Nearlyweds.com.   If you’re looking to book beauty services for your big day, or all the precious moments in between, well, look no further – give us a call, or feel free to fill out our form over at our contact page!