countdown to christmas : nails nails and nails …

December 22, 2015By stephanie

Even if a lady doesn’t get her nails and cuticles tended to on the weekly (or monthly), a fresh manicure and coat of nail polish always manages to make her smile. Whether she loves bright pops of colour, a palette of neutrals, or is always up-to-date on the latest negative space nail art, there is a nail polish out there for her.


Nail polish makes for a great stocking stuffer for several reasons : bottles can be inexpensive, they come in every colour under the moon ALL-YEAR-ROUND, and they are the perfect stocking stuffer size.

If you happen to know someone who leans towards bright pops of colour from neon oranges and pinks to deep jewelled blues and purples, then pick up a couple of bottles of China Glaze. With so may bright colours to choose from, plus some fun glittery formulations, you won’t run out of options from this brand. I find two coats does a nail good and a properly done application can last a few days before a touch-up is needed.  May I suggest that you grab Mix and Mingle and Coal Hands, Warm Heart from the holiday collection and present them as a set – the manicure that would result would be epic for the new year!

If your bestie, girlfriend, our favourite niece favour a more neutral and nude palette, how about seeking something classic from the Essie line. Essie has one of the best pinks : Mademoiselle ; but I favour Ballet Slippers just a hint more. I also enjoy Merino Cool, Master Plan, and Chinchilla. This is definitely the brand I go to when I was a polished manicure with a sophisticated look. Even the sheerest of colours go on without a streaky appearance.

Know for a fact that the person you’re trying to gift probably won’t have time to paint their nails, but would love a manicure for a day or two?  Then there is an option for you : Kiss Nails! “Press-on” nails are BACK and with a vengeance … and with a much better style selection. Kiss Nails come in a variety of styles to choose from : from the classic french manicure to pro nail art designs to even holiday themed ones. A box or two inside a stocking will definitely garner some holiday cheer!

Happy Shopping!


loved by laura : imPRESS manicure

October 30, 2014By DJMC

I recently had the pleasure of reliving my girlie childhood memories with Broadway Nails imPRESS manicure – specifically with some limited-edition Halloween tips just in time for this weekend! I remember being a young child and enjoying painting my nails and playing with fake nails, and these certainly took me back.

They look like gel nails and adhere for about a week. Each package includes a prep pad (a rubbing alcohol pad) and 24 press on nails in various sizes – great for making sure you find the best fit for each tip.

The idea of press on nails is fun and easy, but with great beauty comes a price and in this case, it was a tough removal process. You are supposed to pull them off by lifting from the sides, but I’d recommend applying polish remover between the nail and the press on tip and leaving it for 1 minute. It makes for an overall more pleasant experience, since peeling them off was a task (I’m lucky enough to have thick and hard nails, but I imagine if they were brittle and thin it would be worse). Another thing to note is not all nail beds are shaped similarly and the shape options are limited to what’s in the package, so you may also find you have to file them to size.

All in all, they look great and deliver high-impact results. This is definitely a product that I would use for special occasions. You can pick them up at your nearest Walmart for under $10 – they definitely make it easy to get into the Halloween spirit if you’re not into wearing a costume!

Disclosure: Press samples featured.

spotlight on : regina sterling

July 17, 2014By DJMC

Name: Regina Sterling

My role with BP: Blog Contributor

How I got into working with BP: I heard about Steph and BP through Elaine [Atkins] (who I’ve known for a few years now through Avon and being an avid reader of her blog Toronto Beauty Reviews). I would read about Elaine’s positive experiences from attending numerous BlushPretty: The Beauty Board events, reading BP’s blog, Instagram and Twitter feeds. When I won the CLEAR: Scalp and Therapy Shampoo and Conditioner on the blog, I decided to attend the 2013 BlushPretty: The Beauty Board event and officially met Steph. She contacted me on Facebook on New Year’s Eve 2013 and asked me to be a blog contributor and I said yes!

The best part of my job: Besides trying out new products and writing about them, I’ve been able to meet quite a few of the ladies on BlushPretty Team. All of them have been very nice and welcoming. I’ve also been able to attend events at the studio and outside the to learn about new products.

My secret beauty weapon: Broadway Nails: imPRESS manicure Press-On Nails.  When I don’t have the time to paint my nails these are my go-to’s. They are very easy to apply, durable and will last for up to 7 days.

My must share beauty tip: Ask questions and opinions on beauty and skincare products that you are new to using or want to try out. Go to the people who know about the products and has the patience to answer all of your questions.

scene+heard : ROAR

March 19, 2014By DJMC

On Sunday, March 9, the studio at 777 Richmond Street West became a destination for deserving women to be styled, beautified and treated like royalty (although, we like to think this is always the case). The occasion? ROAR Toronto, hosted by Flirt Custom Lash.

The event could not have happened with so many generous people and brands. Services and products were provided by our very own BlushPretty team (hair and makeup), Tamika Auwai (styling), NLB Media (graphic design), Barb Dubrawski (photography), Cristina’s Tortina Shop (treats) and clothes and accessories came from donors and some incredible brands including  LOFT, Kiss Nails, Broadway Nails and The Body Shop.

ROAR is for women from Woodgreen Homeward Bound, a program described by the organization as “a holistic, 4-year job-readiness program featuring: affordable housing; free, quality child care; training and post-secondary education in a marketable skill; personal development support; mental health and recreational services for children; and a guaranteed, family-sustaining career opportunity at the end of the program.”

The afternoon was spent “glamming” them up, giving them one-on-one time with our expert stylist Tamika, setting them up with clothes and accessories and providing professional photographs to put their best foot forward as they graduate from the program.

Each of the women were truly inspirational, and the BlushPretty team was so proud to be a part of the big day! As always, our team, specifically Laura Tran, Samantha Wilson, Karla Bravo, Tiffany Watson and (the newest addition to the team) Jennifer Ballance, were on point with makeup and hair! We thank them greatly for being so generous with their time!

Special shoutouts go out to Sommer Dunsmuir of Flirt Custom Lash for initiating and hosting the event, our very own Elaine Atkins for doing some serious project coordination, and of course, everyone who donated in some way, shape or form to make it a success.

We’re looking forward to seeing the event grow even bigger & better for years to come and wish the participating women nothing but success!

recos from regina : go-to products

January 28, 2014By DJMC
Editor’s note: Please join me in welcoming a new contributor to the BP blog, Regina! Find her on Twitter here. :)

Drawing from many years of trying out different things, attending events such as the BlushPretty Beauty Board and reading some of my favourite blogs like Toronto Beauty Reviews, I’ve pulled together a list of my four go-to beauty products to share with you.

L’Oreal Voluminous Mascara in Blackest Black – I’ve been using this mascara for almost 20 years. What I like about this mascara is it make my eye lashes looks fuller right away without having to use an eyelash curler. You can actually tell that I have lashes once it’s applied!

Kona Kare Luxury Lip Butter Balm – This lip butter balm is used with all natural ingredients, it’s Canadian, and it keeps my lips moisturized. Having my lips moisturized is very important to me especially during this “Polar Vortex” that we’ve been getting hit by lately. I carry their lip butters in my purse, makeup bag, in my coat pocket and beside my bed.

Kiss Products imPRESS Press-On Manicure – This is another go-to for me when I don’t have the time to paint my nails (which is very rare). I tend to change my nail polish everyday or every other day, but there are those rare occasions that I actually don’t have the time to do my nails so these are quick and easy to apply. I’ve had people come up to me to compliment my nails because of the style and colour that I’m using that week.

Pure + Simple Cellular Repair Face Cream – This face cream is great because a little goes a long way and it keeps my face moisturized through out the day. As I get older, I want to keep my skin healthy and glowing before the wrinkles kick in and this product is the perfect solution.