mondays+moms : makeup? what makeup?

May 12, 2014By stephanie

I have a confession to make. I actually don’t wear a lot of makeup.

I love makeup.  I have lots of makeup. I eat-drink-breathe-makeup.

I just don’t happen to wear tonnes of it.

My typical day consists of working through the morning; doing lunchroom supervision around, well, lunchtime; hot yoga; and then an afternoon of either driving around to meet clientele or an afternoon of driving around to various after-school activities.

My makeup routine is quite minimal and I think both my colleagues and clientele find this quite comical, you know … being a beauty artist and all. I thought I would share with you a couple of items that I have in rotation right now. The pic above shows what I might put on in the morning if I have a moment.

rms beauty un-cover up in 22 and cream eyeshadow in lunar : I adore this product thanks to the sheer layers you can apply with it. Never cakey or heavy, always the right amount. With the foundation, I simply apply as needed – usually under the eyes and around the nose. Sometimes the cheeks.  I like applying it over my Pelle Beauty face oil and Consonant Body sunscreen – I find it applies best after I have allowed both of these products to sink in a bit. The cream eyeshadow I actually use as my highlighter. While they do have the living luminizer in the line, I find lunar to highlight my skin tone a bit better.

bite beauty : If I’m going to brighten up my look, it’s always with lip colours and bite has the best selection of colours in my favourite form : chubby pencils. From the everyday rose to a bright and electric orange, I carry a few of these pencils in my regular makeup bag. My other favourite is NARS Lip Pencils and I look to their matte pencils when I want statement lips.

aerin rose lip conditioner : My lips, despite my best efforts will always remain chapped and  dry. It’s not fair, but what can you do. I find this lip conditioner allows me to apply once in the morning and get to about late afternoon without having to reapply.  Added bonus : the scent is quite nice!

MAC veluxe brow liner and tweezerman tweezers : Okay. I’m kind of lying about the tweezers and using them everyday because  I don’t get the chance to tweeze each morning, but the moments I do – normally after glancing into the rearview mirror on my way out the driveway (damn you natural sunlight) – I’ll make it a priority to tweeze later that night. I prefer slanted tips for the best grasp and Tweezerman has a larger selection of tweezers to choose from. For filling in my brows, I like dual-ended brow fillers – either with colour on one end and a spoolie on the other OR colour on the end and brow gel on the other. MAC’s pencil gives the soft look of powder but defines the brows like a champ!

tom ford eye defining pencil in metallic mink and stila smudge stick waterproof liner in emerald : I don’t wear mascara only because I find when applying to myself – I’m pretty messy with it. So I rely in eye pencils to define my eyes.  I love inky blacks and browns and love the Tom Ford pencils (MAC pencils are pretty great too!) and I usually apply this under the lashes and at the root to fake the look of more lashes and artfully applied mascara. Over the top lid, I’ll use a bright colour like Stila’s emerald which after application LOOKS like liquid liner – so pigmented. It’s all about the subtle pop!

I’m not sure if there is anything I would change about my makeup routine – it’s works for me and the amount of time I have to get ready for the day. Sometimes I look in the mirror and think : I really should use my primer … or my concealer … and maybe I should fill in that crease. But then I think to myself that my job is to apply beauty to others – not BE the beauty.

Well, that’s my Monday morning stephanie-ism.  Hope you all have a great week!



spotlight on : giselle fernandez

February 11, 2014By DJMC

Name: Giselle Fernandez

Years with BP: 1.5 yrs

I got into hair and/or makeup artistry because… To say I love makeup would be an understatement. I have a 9 to 5 job during the week and actually enjoy what I do. But, I wanted and needed a creative outlet to do what I genuinely loved that was a true reflection of me. Playing with makeup was my “dream job” and I decided to turn my dream into a reality. Becoming a makeup artist is probably one of the biggest achievements I’ve made in my life to date and as the saying goes, “your future is what you make it to be.”

My favourite part about being a hair/makeup artist is… that you’re constantly learning. I’ve had the privilege to work alongside some very talented people and they, at some point in their career, have learned a thing or two (or three) from another artist and I, in turn learn from them. I pay it forward, by sharing my knowledge with every artist I meet.

My dream celebrity client: I have two. Katy Perry (love how she’s not afraid of anything color) and Channing Tatum (hey, someone’s gotta make him look all glowy & sexy in all those action shots!)

My secret weapon: Consonant’s Ultra Firming Eye Cream. A dab of this on a pimple and the swelling magically disappears!

My must-share beauty tip: Great makeup always involves having great skin. My key beauty tip is to ensure you are well hydrated both on the inside and out. The cliche “8 glasses of water a day” saying really does work wonders for both your health and skin. And, splurge a little on your moisturizer – your face will thank you!

the beauty board : consonant body

May 30, 2013By stephanie

“the sunscreen blended really well with my skintone …”

“[the rep] had wonderful product knowledge, and the line seems like a worthwhile investment with minimal risk. the sunscreen and moisturizer combo is excellent in place of a bb cream!”

“your hydraextreme is awesome and the body lotion is also very nice. the rep is very personable and approachable!”

“i have used this brand before and really like it. when i asked about products for sensitive skin, the rep gave me a free sample which was really nice!”

“i tried and LOVED their new perfect sunscreen. cannot wait to use it.”

“stoked to use their new sunscreen!!!”

“the perfect sunscreen – lightweight with a nice tint to it and great protection from the sun’s harmful rays. i bought one and i cannot wait to test it out further.”

learn more about consonant body by visiting their website!


at the studio: blushpretty shopping event: thursday, february 7, 2013

January 7, 2013By stephanie 2 Comments

Who is in the mood for cupcakes? What about cupcakes, wine, and some great shopping deals?

Have I caught your attention?

On Thursday February 7, 2013 we will be having a special shopping party at the studio. Visit us between the hours of 4:00 and 7:30 pm for a fun evening of accessories shopping (Stella+dot, The Funk Shop, anyone?), trying on new lipstick colours, (Interested in LippyGirl? And how about Revolution Organics?), and maybe dancing with the idea changing up your skincare routine for 2013 (care to try Pure+simple or Consonant Body? Have you heard about Sprout?).

In addition to wine and cupcakes, let’s treat yourself to some more instant gratification, yes? That night eyebrow grooming services will be just $5, plus all purchases will be discounted 15%.

To join us, please RSVP by email to

We hope to see you then!