musings from morgan : mary kay CC cream

May 14, 2014By DJMC

I shared my first BB cream experience a few months back right here. I tried my first BB cream this blog, and today I bring you my first CC cream experience!

With summer on its way and life being busy as ever, I welcomed the opportunity to try a product that was lighter, had SPF coverage (SPF 15) and evened out my skin tone. Summer calls for simpler beauty routines and even more diligence on the skincare front, and Mary Kay’s CC Cream fit the bill for a product that could tackle both of those things.

The cream comes in a tube with a pump attached for easy dispensing. It’s a very lightweight cream that offers sheer coverage – it really means it when it says it’s a complexion corrector. Count on it to even out your skintone, but don’t expect it to cover up major blemishes. I used it with concealer on key problem areas to test the level of coverage and got the below results.

Not bad, eh? I’ve worn it out a few times on weekends when I’m feeling lazy and looking to go very basic with my makeup, and haven’t found it bothers my combination skin which is another bonus. I’ll know for sure how it reacts to my oily t-zone once the 30 degree weather comes along, but for mild temperatures I don’t find it makes my skin more oily (but it’s not like it’s a product that will eliminate oil).

It comes in four shades, which may not seem like much but since it’s lightweight/sheer, an exact match isn’t necessary – just pick the closest one. It retails for $22.00, and for an all-in-one product that will come in handy over the summer, it’s worth checking out.

Do you use CC creams? How do you like yours compared to a BB cream or regular foundation?

Disclosure: These products were sent to for editorial consideration. We tested and reviewed the product to share our honest opinion with you (our fabulous readers) and would only ever recommend or review products we truly believe in!

bp love list: NARS cream eyeshadow

January 21, 2013By stephanie

I once read some where that Lauren Conrad’s preference for just a winged line over her lashes is due to her distaste for eyeshadow and how it looks over her lids. I have to say, I know what she is talking about … except that I would only make this statement when it comes to powder based shadows. While I love using powdered shadows on my clientele for it’s layering, versatility and hold, for me personally I think eyeshadow looks much softer when I use cream shadows. When creating my own makeup look for the day, I’ll reach for a cream based product before powder. And that is where NARS comes in. Their cream shadow collection has 17 colours in the range, with all the basic colours I need to create a tailor made eye for me. Easy to blend and easy to use, I can apply with my fingers and be out the door in no time.

Check out: Mousson (a silver green), Savage (a classic bronze) or Zardoz (matte black for ultimate smudge).