loved by laura : the humble sponge

October 28, 2014By DJMC

It is a known fact that looking beautiful requires radiant, glowing and healthy skin; however my quest to acquire such glorious skin took years.  From my tweens to adulthood, I purchased micro bead cleansers to expensive imported soaps that only left my skin feeling dry and unfulfilled.  This unsatisfying routine stopped a few years ago when I discovered the humble sponge.


Let’s face it – it is hard to run away from the fact that “we are what we eat” and that 8 glasses of water a day gives us amazing skin, but what we also can do is take care of it by exfoliating.

The sponge scrubs off dead and old skin cells that eventually build up and clog your pores.  Our body’s skin undergoes a shedding cycle every 28-45 days and the sponge helps to evenly remove these old layers.  Once the dead skin cells are removed, fresh skin is revealed.  Benefits of exposing the new skin layer is that it evens out skin tone, allows the skin to breath, unclogs pores, removes white heads and prevents in grown hairs.

Organic sponges are fascinating – not only are they sea creatures, but they are a renewable and sustainable source.  Unlike synthetic sponges, real sponges when dried for commercial use are antibacterial.  They are very low maintenance, easy to pack and look great in any bathroom.

How to use it?  Once or twice a week, lather up your hands with your favourite facial cleanser.  Evenly apply the suds all over your face.  With a small dry or wet sponge start scrubbing your face in gentle circular motions.

Never forget to use a gentle toner and moisturizer after each session! You will definitely see a difference.

You can purchase these sponges at the grass roots store or online at $8.99 for a package of four unbleached facial sponges.

musings from morgan : ecotools pure complexion sponge

May 7, 2014By DJMC

When I picked up the Ecotools Pure Complexion Sponge for sensitive skin, I was kind of mesmerized. I had never seen anything quite like it – a teardrop-shaped sponge that promised better cleansing results? Hmm. I’ve used cleansing brushes in the past, but for the most part I cleanse with my hands so this was totally new territory for me. I was beyond curious to try it out!

Upon closer inspection, I learned the sponge was more than meets the eye – handmade with 100 per cent natural ingredients including Konjac vegetable fiber (according to the Ecotools website, Konjac is a highly renewable root plant indigenous to Asia traditionally used as a detoxifying dietary staple, and is a naturally exfoliating sponge for delicate skin), the sponge is dermatologist-tested and promises an overall better cleansing experience and smoother skin.

To use it, you simply wet it and use whatever cleanser you prefer. I’ve been using it now for the past few weeks and really love it. If it’s nothing else, the sponge is super handy and convenient. I love that I can get more precise (closer to my hairline) without getting product in my hair or my eyes while still getting what feels like a deep clean.

I do also find my skin feels smoother and I get a better exfoliation that isn’t tearing my skin. It’s really a great tool for enhancing the performance of a cleanser, and at $11.99 CAD it’s not a completely extravagant investment.

My only negative to share would be that it never quite forms it’s original shape again, and the sponge is difficult to completely rinse. They recommend you toss it after 1 to 3 months, but based on what I’ve noticed I’d lean more towards the 6 week mark to be on the safe side.

Overall it’s a useful tool! Order it from Farley Co. here.

Disclosure: These products were sent to for editorial consideration. We tested and reviewed the product to share our honest opinion with you (our fabulous readers) and would only ever recommend or review products we truly believe in!

fresh year, fresh start: the green

January 4, 2013By stephanie

Alright. So I have spent the week chatting you up with new base products, lip colours, blushes, liners, and mascaras. A whole bunch of items you can either add to your kit or create a whole new one with (the latter sounds so much more fun, doesn’t it?). But here is something to think about: greening your routine …

I know. It is hard to give up on your hard-working, quality, lush, not-so-green products. They work for you. They last long and stay put throughout the day. They make you feel great about yourself. Why change? It’s true – nothing can really replace that red lip color you have loved for years. Or the cleanser that has kept you clear since high school. I get it. But I also know that choosing better products for your skin, health and for the environment is in the back of your mind too. You want to try but don’t know where to begin. With the onset of many new and independent brands, you aren’t sure what really works and what doesn’t. Lastly, some of those green brands can be a bit pricey! Believe me I know.

So how about for the new year, you aim to switch out or incorporate one (or two if you’re an over-achiever) organic beauty product to your routine? Manageable, right? Easy on the budget, yes? Here are some suggestions.

rms beauty “un” cover-up

Since we use base products ALL over the face, it makes sense to try and green yourself here first. After all, what you put on your skin goes IN your skin. With four colours in the range, you can find a colour that suits you best or mix to match. Lightweight and creamy, this “un” cover-up blends easily and hides imperfections well. You can also layer to build coverage. In small clear pots, a little bit goes a long way! Available at The Detox Market and online.

S.W. Basics of Brooklyn Cleanser

Imagine a product with no more than five ingredients that takes off your makeup and cleans the face with the swipe of a cotton pad. Repeat: five ingredients. All organic. Stop imagining and just try it. So easy to use and so gentle on the skin, this cleanser removes dirt, makeup (even mascara) and grime with ease. Nighttime cleaning has never been breezier. Just moisten a cotton pad and wipe the skin, rinse with water. You are done. Available at BlushPretty. (Ahem)

Ilia Beauty Lipstick

Before, you could only find organic lipsticks in very sheer shades of everyday basics and neutrals. That was before. With Ilia, you can find brighter pinks and deeper reds. Complete with long wear and a creamy, no drag, application these lipsticks provide all the pigment you need for bold lips. No more worrying about how much lead is in your lipstick and how much of it you are consuming … there are options out there for you! Available at Jacob+Sebastian and The Detox Market.

So this ends our fresh year, fresh start series … What do I have in store for you next week? Well, I suppose you will just have to come back …