should i? shouldn’t i? : makeup and hair for your engagement shoot …

September 29, 2014By stephanie

Brides often ask me if it’s worth getting your makeup and hair done for their engagement shoot.  Engagement shoots, depending on the bride, are normally more of a lifestyle/casual affair. Some brides feel that since it’s not the wedding day … maybe they can DIY it (which of course is always an option!). Some on the other hand, still want the polished hand of a professional … but aren’t quite sure if its a necessity.

So back to the original question: Should you have your hair and makeup done professionally for your engagement shoot … the short answer is “yes”.  I really do think taking the time and money to have a professional doll you up is money well spent.


Well, because it allows you the opportunity to see how your chosen’s artist work and makeup application will translate in photos. Did they use enough coverage? Did they apply enough blush for your liking? Does your request for a natural look seem almost tooooo natural on film? Or, did your request for a smokey eye look like just a mess?

The way you take a photo (but first … let me take a selfie …), the way the artist takes a photo, or the way your family takes a photo, will never compare to the way a photographer captures your look on screen. Arranging for your artistry team to beautify you and then having your wedding day photographer capture you on camera is the perfect test before the BIG show. Your photographer will capture you from all angles, in all sorts of different lighting and moods that it’s like getting a full 360 look at your best “almost” wedding self. Once you receive the teasers from your photographer, I highly suggest that you share your professional photos with your artist(s) and provide any necessary feedback or changes.

A game plan like this ensures a very VERY happy wedding day.

(Sometimes, my brides will use their trial run as the opportunity to prepare for their engagement shoot, which I personally think is a great idea. It’s a great way to utilize your trial run … it’s a great way to make the wedding budget stretch.)

Tell me … do you plan to hire a team to get you all  blushpretty for your e-shoot?