wearing white: to clip in or not to clip in …

October 10, 2012By stephanie

The growing out process. It’s right up there with the pains of choosing a bridal party without offending anyone, slashing your guestlist without offending anyone, and saying no children allowed … also without offending anyone. A pure pain, but ya gotta do it … right?

Many brides struggle with the idea of using clip-in extensions and prefer to try to spend a whole year before their big day growing out their hair. Some in even less time. And let’s not forget the Murphy’s Law of growing out your hair and then visiting your hair salon a week or two before the big day for a “trim” … you know the trim I’m talking about – the one that ends up with 3 inches of length across the salon floor. Freaking hairstyling b*tch.

For some, clip-in extensions were never a question – they want big and they want it any way they can get it. For others, it’s a last resort. Whichever it is for you, my dear princess in white, the rules of purchasing hair extensions is the same for all.

Choose human hair over synthetic.

Whether you are leaving your hair cascading over your shoulders or piled on top of your head for an updo, human hair trumps synthetic. With human hair, your hair artist can do what she pleases – curl, straighten, roll – without risking damaging the extensions. Hot tools on synthetic hair result in smelling like burnt nylons – not your wedding scent of choice. Plus, with proper care, human hair can be washed, rinsed and stored for future and repeat use.

Choose the proper length.

Since hair extensions are non-refundable, make sure you have a consult with your hair artist before purchasing your extensions. Go over your chosen hairstyle and determine the right length of hair for the look. Extensions can be purchased in smaller lengths for simpler styles and extremely long lengths for the most elaborate styles. In addition, your hair artist can tell you if the 24″ length will look silly clipped into your layered chin-length bob (yes … yes it does!)

Choose the right colour.

It’s a smart idea to shop for your own extensions rather than leaving it up to your hair artist, bridesmaid, or friend of your mom who just wants to be super helpful.  Again, hair extensions = non-refundable, so if you are a blonder-brown and friend comes back with a $150 box of deep chestnut brown extensions you’re in store for unwanted colour blocking and a $150 bill. Head to the store yourself, ask the sales staff for help, and match as close as possible to your natural shade. Also, speak with your hair colorist, if you happen to colour your hair, and ask for her/his opinion on extension brands and whether they can dye extensions to match your colour!

Happy wedding planning!