31 days to a prettier 2017 : eat better for your skin …

January 6, 2017By stephanie

It’s FRIYAY! You’ve made it almost a week following this plan. Give yourself a pat on the back homies!

Today, I want to talk about something non-makeup, but also something everyone hates to talk about : dietary plans and restrictions. Boo to me, huh? But wait – please please please don’t click away.  Please?!?!

Day 6 : January 6

A great way to be prettier in 2017 is to start taking care of the inside as much as you do the outside. Makeup, lash extensions and a great brow job is the easiest way to always be pretty in a moment’s notice, but imagine looking a little bit prettier from the moment you wake up, or the second you wash away your contour and highlight. It can be done …

Just by incorporating a few dietary habits … such as :

  • Drink more water. This has been proclaimed time after time, but much easier said than done.  Regardless, make a conscious effort to drink more H2O throughout your day.Smiply try upping your intake by one extra glass. 
  • Limit sugar. I’m a KitKat chick and I need my break from time to time, so I’m not going to sit here and tell you to cut out all sugar. Again, like your water intake, why not reduce the amount of sugar you take in. Perhaps it is as simple as eating two sticks from a Kit Kat bar rather than all four; or having a soft drink or pop with just one meal a day and not all three.
  • Find a superfood that tastes good to you and indulge in it. I hate Kale and am not able to replace kale chips for real chips – that’s just dumb. But I do like blueberries and raspberries – both of which contain great antioxidants for the skin and body. I’ll drizzle a handful over a breakfast parfait or on a waffle – no problem.
  • Cut out some sodium. Go for the green capped (low sodium) bottle of soy sauce instead of the red capped (full blown soy sauce) when indulging in sushi. Pick lightly salted Lays instead of your favourite salted and seasoned bag. Season your chicken or fish with other tasty herbs and spices before adding salt.

There are plenty plenty more, but I’m stopping here before you stick me with a shiv. Google and take notes and make small changes one by one. Your skin will improve within weeks of making some beneficial dietary changes.

Happy noshing …

TIP : Don’t cut out everything all at once. That is totally setting you up to fail. Choose one or two manageable changes and stick with it for at least 1 week before adding another.

HOMEWORK : Read more about getting your skin in shape by following this 15 day guide to better skin from our sister company, fresh.beautiful : the skin studio.

fit by fa-la-la-la-la: the countdown begins

October 3, 2012By stephanie

Is it too early to talk about the holiday season? Maybe, but I rather chat you up about  gifts and holiday cheer than let you wallow in the S.A.D. (Seasonal Affective Disorder) that is slowly creeping up behind you …

Last year, I spent the month of November offering up tips and tricks to get you feeling fit and looking faboosh by the time your first holiday cocktail party rolled around. This year, let’s get an early start (I wish the same could be said about my shopping list …)

As mentioned earlier, plenty of people are going through S.A.D. – which oddly enough are my initials, but I have never seen my self as a sad person, ever – and it can stick with them right up until the new year. Ugh! I am no psychologist/psychiatrist/therapist/shrink, but I truly believe that it’s all mind over matter. If you think happy and positive, you will eventually feeeeel happy and positive. It might just be a matter of taking that first step from thinking “I fricking hate this cold weather” to “I hate this cold weather, but it gives me an opportunity to rock my new boots” …

Here’s my introductory tips:

It all starts with movement …

Now that summer is behind us, we might become a little more sedentary. Not completely couch potato – but perhaps we aren’t spending weekends strolling through the park or at the beach or at the farmer’s market. Instead, we might hole ourselves up inside to read a good book. Make a conscious effort to move. Whether its a longer walk with your dog in the afternoon, or a series of squats and lunges through every commercial break of The Voice, keeping your energy level up and active is key!

Change one not so good habit …

I’m so guilty right now of having bad dietary habits. My excuse is pregnancy … but that’s not good enough. Anyway, enough about my shortcomings. Try to switch out at least one bad habit this week. If you drink a sugary soda twice a day, cut back to one.  Drinking only one glass of water a day – up it to three. Need a daily chocolate bar fix? Um – switch it to every OTHER day. You are what you eat, so eat well.

Give yourself a pick-me-up …

While I don’t want you to end up financially broke, I have to say, indulging in one or two or three items to get you in the spirit for the Fall/Winter season might be okay … I myself am indulging in three items to keep my spirits up:

A new scentDot by Marc Jacobs!
Scent affects us in so many ways so try using fragrance to perk you up. This florally scent mixed with a bit of Jasmine and berries is deep enough to wear through the fall, but reminiscent of warmer weather. Wearing a scent you love will give you energy boosts throughout the day. Plus, looking at the beautiful bottle alone will make you want to jump out of bed and get dressed!

A new lip colour413 Bleecker Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil
Lipstick, Gloss, Balm – whatever you fancy on your lips, pick yourself up something nice, on trend for Fall 2012, and that makes you feel beautiful even if it’s the only thing you are wearing. I like the NARS Pencils and I love the bright bold colour – perfect choice for me. If lipstick isn’t your thing – maybe its a blush, or an eyeliner, or a foundation – you get the point, right?!

A luxe face mask – er, too many options to list just one!
I’m currently rotating between a few masks (Korres, Pure+simple), but I have to say, nothing washes away the stress of a day better than slathering on a rich mask. Exfoliate, deep-clean, and re-hydrate the skin right before bed to induce a better sleep and to wake up with healthier, glowing skin. Waking up to skin that needs little more than some blush and tinted moisturizer is better than waking up to a new zit. Plus, embarking on a great routine now, means smoking hot glam by December!