countdown to christmas : goody hair accessories

December 18, 2015By stephanie

I think the hardest thing to find during the holiday season are useful stocking stuffers. I mean, sure, you could fill a stocking for someone with like, cute little lotions, and candies and what not … those are always welcome and always fun … but what about something items that are really really useful. Those items that when in a pinch, the recipient says “OMG – thank goodness you put those in my stocking at Christmas – it really came in handy!”


This year, I plan to stuff stockings – at least those for my fellow beauty junkies – with a selection of items from Goody (the source for Hair Accessories and Styling Tools). I plan to start with a couple of staples almost every girl needs : Ouchless Elastics in an assortment of colours or basic black and a series of bobby pins from regular size to skinny.  Even girls with pixie cuts can find use for a decent bobby pin!

Then I plan to round it out with one of my favourite brushes from the line : Goody’s Quikstyle Padlle Brush! As a girl growing out my hair long, I love this brush; AND … as a mother with three children whom don’t know how to properly towel off after their bath … I  LOVE THIS. It’s microfibre bristles remove water to dry hair faster. I rarely blow-dry my hair when I’m not looking to set it in a specific style, so I find this brush super efficient and effective when I need to air dry right quick. The brush is anti-microbial so it inhibits cooties from infecting the brush (another thing a mom might love about it!). It’s larger handle allows for better grip and control.

Goody Hair Accessories can be found throughout most of your big box retailers like Wal-Mart, Rexall and Shoppers Drug Mart!