31 days to a prettier 2017 : don’t neglect your hands and feet …

January 4, 2017By stephanie

Being pretty isn’t just about your face … well, it has a lot to do with your face because that’s usually the first thing people see … but pretty is also about how you feel from head to toe. 

Anyway, I’m going to take it easy on you today. You’ve already cleaned out your makeup bag, found your perfect lipstick, and are on your way to see a brow specialist sooner if not later. Well done! You deserve a break and today’s task is easy as pie. SUPER easy.

Day 4 : January 4

Start the habit of moisturizing your hands and feet daily. Both pairs work hard for you every day … without them you wouldn’t be able to get around or manage with the ease that you … and so, they deserve a little pampering. Every night, add the ritual of massaging in lotion or coconut oil into your hands and feet before bed. Not only will it do wonders for your skin itself, but the massaging action – especially for the feet – will soothe and reduce the inflammation and swelling that they go through over the course of a long day. In addition, the act of taking the time to massage and decompress will mentally prepare your mind that it’s time to get some shut eye.

See – super easy, yes?

TIP : While massaging the hands and feet, apply pressure.  Not cutting of your circulation type of pressure, but a gently pressure that soothes pressure points.  Here’s a guide to pinpointing the pressure points located in your hands and feet.

HOMEWORK : If you can, take a moment to schedule in a manicure and pedicure in the near future … or at least make a point to treat yourself to one as soon as you can!

bp love : inspiration

February 27, 2014By DJMC

I like to think part of what makes the bp team so awesome is the fact that everyone really owns the idea of being a “girl’s girl.” We’re supportive, we focus on making each other feel great and draw our inspiration from trailblazing ladies who hustle no matter what path they’re on.

What kind of ladies fuel our inner fires to be better and inspire us to express ourselves in new, edgy ways? Let’s take a look…

Image Source (left) Image Source (right)

Stephanie “I don’t think we can truly do an inspiration post WITHOUT paying our respects to Queen Bey. Am I right? I mean, woman drops an album overnight with no warning and literally skyrockets to the top of the charts. No promotions. No teasers. Nothing. Now that’s power. Given that I’m growing out my pixie, I’m moving towards a lob and Beyonce’s is the perfect mix of classic and edgy. While I don’t think I can pull off her wet look a la Grammy’s 2014, I do plan to try the twisted wavy thing she’s got going on. And then there’s her body … I’m not even going to talk about how she makes having a curvier (but toned) “fatty” look proper. You should just already know! She inspires me to always look like a video vixen … and to never eat a cheeseburger again.”

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Morgan “Let’s talk about Luptia Nyong’o for a minute. Not only did she steal the show in 12 Years a Slave (seriously, if she doesn’t take home the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress I might will lose it), but girlfriend has been owning every red carpet she has stepped foot on this awards season. Her skin is perfection, her makeup choices are bold and beautiful, and she’s turning heads for all the right reasons. She inspires me to take more risks in my style and try new things – particularly with lip colour (purple? orange? nude? she rocks it  all). Basically, she is my new queen and I simply bow down to her.”

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Lil Steph “Currently, Jennifer Lawrence) is at the top of my inspo list. At 23, she’s already an Academy Award winning, $20 million Dior contract signing success story. From Silver Linings Playbook to the Hunger Games, she’s not your typical Hollywood beauty. Plus, she’s got balls (re: pixie cut) and a sassy personality to boot. Sometimes I’ll rock a messy braid (Katniss Everdeen style) and a smudged eyeliner inspired by her glory.”

Image Source (left) Image Source (right)

Regina “Jennifer Lopez has been a beauty and style influence for me for many years. It’s great to see how she has evolved from when she first started out dancing as a “Fly Girl” on In Living Color in the 1990s to an actress, singer, mother and judge on American Idol.

Her current makeup looks are never overdone. I like that she either plays up on her eyes or her lips and it usually looks good with her hairstyle, nails and outfits. I appreciate that she wears outfits that look amazing on her body whether she is dressed up or dressed down. She hasn’t always had the best outfits in the past but she has definitely evolved with her beauty and style with age and maturity.”

Who inspires you?