musings from morgan : l’Occitane cedrat for men

April 7, 2015By DJMC

Every once in a while, a chance comes up to test drive the latest offerings from a brand that are specific to men. It’s always fun to volunteer my better half Brad when these chances come up, so when L’Occitane connected with BlushPretty to share their new men’s line I was quick to sign him up!

Cedrat is a new fresh, masculine fragrance and skincare line from L’Occitane that addresses the needs of young men’s skin. The scent itself is fantastic – really clean and crisp, with a woodsy feel. The main ingredient, Cedrat essential oil, a citrus fruit known for its positive effects on the skin. It’s perfect for guys who aren’t looking for anything over the top or too aggressive.

Brad had a chance to sit down with the folks at L’Occitane and hear about the line in detail, all while indulging in a full grooming session using the products complete with a wet shave. He got to see firsthand the brightening and mattifying effects of the skincare products, and freshen up with the scent.

The skincare line includes:

  • Cedrat Global Face Gel ($42.00/50 mL)
  • Cedrat Shaving Gel ($20.00/150 mL)
  • Cedrat After-Shave ($36.00/75 mL)
  • Cedrat Pure Cleanser ($24.00/150 mL)

On the fragrance side, they’re carrying:

  • Eau de Cedrat ($56.00/100 mL)
  • Cedrat Shower Gel ($22.00/250 mL)
  • Cedrat Stick Deodorant ($24.00/75 g)
  • Cedrat Soap ($8.50/100 g)

Brad was lucky enough to try the entire line and take it home with him for proper testing. The verdict so far? Brad says, “I’ve seen a difference in the shine on my face and like that the fragrance isn’t too much compared to some of the other scents I’ve tried in the past. I don’t want to have to think too much about skincare and this line gives me everything I need and keeps it simple. I’m happy!”

The range will be available in all L’Occitane boutiques beginning in June 2015.

– morgan –

around town with alysia : l’occitane holiday 2013

October 11, 2013By stephanie

L’Occitane put on a beautiful Winter Wonderland event to introduce their two new fragrances for the upcoming season. The Rosewater Room at Rosewater Supper Club was transformed into into a holiday-like atmosphere to resemble what it would be like in the south of France during the winter season.

They will be releasing two fragrances, one for men and one for women, both created by Karine Dubreuil and her inspiration came from Christmas time in her childhood hometown.

The men’s fragrance, Cèdre & Oranger, is reminiscent of what it would be like to open the front door during winter in Provence. You smell the bergamot and oranges with woody notes of cedar. We were asked to close out eyes while we sampled the fragrance and I totally pictured myself in France on Christmas morning. Although this is a men’s scent, I would want to wear it – it’s beautiful and citrusy, possibly a fragrance you could share with your other half. Cèdre & Oranger also comes in a shower gel, after shave balm and perfumed soap.

The women’s fragrance, Fleur D’Or & Acacia, would remind you of the inside of a home in Provence. It’s filled with mimosa, not the famous brunch cocktail but the yellow flower. It’s very musky, yet floral. Fleur D’Or & Acacia also comes in a luminous oil, shower gel, body milk, hand cream and perfumed soap. If you really want to get the feel of a home in Provence, L’Occitane also offers a scented candle.

Before the L’Occitane reps explained and described the two fragrances, I was already in love with Cèdre & Oranger – it’s my favorite between the two. I had no idea that it was a men’s eau de toilette. I highly recommend checking out this scent. I mean, if you can’t be in Provence for Christmas, this is the next best thing. Both new fragrant collections will be released in December, just in time for the holidays.

– alysia 

anecdotes from anne: l’occitane angelica collection

June 27, 2012By admin2

My blooming blogger, Anne, is becoming quite a regular on the beauty scene as she had attended another event back in May 2012 to rep BlushPretty. She visited L’Occitane, located in the trendy and chic Yorkville area, to learn all about their new Angelica line. (more…)