loved by laura : j. crew model inspiration

December 18, 2014By DJMC

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I have always been in awe at how the models in J. Crew catalogues look so fresh with dewy complexions despite looking blown away with their disheveled hair.  Their makeup is natural and their lip colours add a sense of boldness. How can you get the look? The makeup artists use RMS beauty products as well as lipsticks from NARS – totally accessible products. This means we can get the J. crew model look too!

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In order to achieve the glowing complexion the makeup artists use RMS living luminizer. The RMS website describes the process: “Apply sparingly with fingers over the cheekbones, down the bridge of the nose, along the inner corners of eyes, and on the cupid’s bow above lips for a natural glow. Add life to eyes by subtly applying onto the center of eyelids, just above the lashes.”  The product itself is 100% organic and great for all skin tones. The texture is waxy and gradually melts with warmth, so it is not greasy or sticky once applied to the face.

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NARS lipsticks punch up the models’ pout with their super pigmented finish. Although we can’t all sport a vibrant fuchsia every day, there are a wide variety of shades to complement all individuals and suit all occasions. Bonus? They’re enriched with vitamin E to increase wearability and keep true color intact.

And with just two products, you’ll be all set for your catalogue-worthy moment! You can purchase RMS luminizer online, and NARS lipstick are available at Sephora, Murale or any NARS counter between $32 – $38.

holiday wishlist 2014

November 26, 2014By DJMC

It’s that time of year again – the holidays are upon on us! We wanted to share our roundup of wishlist items since so many beauty brands pull out all the stops for limited edition products, sets and gifts (but don’t be fooled – beauty isn’t all we want for Christmas!).

Laura Amaya

My family does Secret Santa every year and I’ve just finished sending out the invites so that we can get the ball rolling on it. With this yearly family tradition, we can post online a wishlist of things we’d love. I’ve narrowed down my list and this year I have put it down to these 3 items:

Miss Dior Eau de Parfum (Sephora $94.00 1.7 oz bottle) – I’ve been eyeing this fragrance for months but refused to buy it during my recent pregnancy because I experienced lots of nausea, and every now and again scents would make me ill. I refuse to allow that to happen to this amazingly delicious perfume!

NARSissist Eyeshadow Palette (Sephora, $85.00) – I usually don’t splurge on eye palettes for myself (they almost always end up in my makeup kit for my brides) but then came this beautiful palette of 15 shadows perfect for creating everyday looks and transforming into sultry evening glam. My eyes beamed when I saw this beaut, here’s hoping it ends up under the tree for me!

Crock Pot 6.5 QT slow cooker (Wal-Mart $58.93) – I know you’re probably going to laugh but ever since becoming a mom there are two things I value most above all else PRACTICALITY & SIMPLICITY! And this baby is perfect for just that, knowing I can throw a hunk of meat with veggies and some seasonings into this baby setting it and forgetting it makes my heart sing with happiness ( oh how things change as we get older… *Le Sigh*)

Regina Salvador

As the holidays are fast approaching and limited editions makeup sets pops up all around us, picking the one set that you really, really want can be very daunting.

My list started to grow as soon as Sephora started to showcase their holiday merchandise on their website. I was like a kid in a candy store (but I was actually staring at my iPad screen).

The New Exclusive Limited Edition item that caught my eye as soon as I saw it is Formula X Paint The Town (Sephora, $69.00). This set consists of 22 mini nail polishes that come in a reusable paint tin. As a nail polish fanatic this is an amazing set with colours that are great to wear on their own or for layering as well!

Morgan Cadenhead

I’ve been drooling over so many beauty sets out for the holidays, but the one that’s left me starstruck is the MAKE UP FOR EVER Makeup Station (Sephora, $345.00) I’ve left it on my wishlist as the price tag makes it an unlikely gift from Santa, but hey…it’s a wishlist after all!

The set contains everything from primer, setting powder, Artist Shadows, eyeliner, setting spray, lip liner, lipstick, lashes…oh gosh, the list goes on. It’s a makeup junkie’s dream! Who’s got an extra $350 to scoop this up for me? ;)

What’s on your wishlist?

loved by laura : air optix colors

November 18, 2014By DJMC

On Thursday November 6 I had the privilege of attending Alcon’s Air Optix Colors event with their guest makeup artist Grace Lee, where they were launching their new line of coloured lenses.

When I arrived at the event I was kindly greeted by the hostess and quickly directed to an optometrist for my contact lens fitting, where I was able to test out coloured lenses of my liking.  There were 9 colours of lenses to try on including blue, brilliant blue, gray, sterling gray, gemstone green, green, pure hazel, honey and brown.

I opted for the gray and gemstone green. The whole night I sported a David Bowie/Mila Kunis style of two different coloured eyes. They really changed my regular look and created a sense of mystery and intrigue. I felt original and very exotic every time I looked into the mirror or saw my reflection.

For the most part they were very comfortable and safe. The contact lenses have been engineered and created with a unique 3 in 1 color technology that enhances your eye color for a very natural and beautiful look. I was amazed at how vibrant the contact lenses made your eyes look as well as the vivid glow it gives your face. They were very natural looking to the point that I did not realize everyone had the contacts on too.

As a bonus treat, I had my makeup done by a makeup artist under the direction of Grace Lee, the lead makeup artist for Maybelline New York Canada. Grace was an absolute sweetheart and she rocked her leather pants like no other that evening!

A palette that the makeup artist used on me was the Maybelline “The Nudes” palette. It has all the nudes that you would need for any natural look. I can see this palette as a staple for any individual, especially for any traveller. It contains a black shadow for lining your eyes, multiple shades of brown to fill in your eye brows and an array of light to dark as well as shimmering beige and brown shades to fulfill your eye shadow look. It comes in a sleek compact case and is ready to slip into any purse or bag.

It was a great evening – I truly felt glamourous sporting a different eye colour!  This will be a line of contact lenses I will definitely consider when I am in the market for new ones.

The Air Optix colors contact lenses can be ordered through an optometrist. They usually range from $79.95 and up for 6 lenses.

-laura p-

loved by laura : drops of youth eye concentrate

November 12, 2014By DJMC

The Body Shop has been around for years and has been known not only for their humane stance but for their quality products as well. Their new product, the Drops of Youth Eye Concentrate roller is no exception – it doesn’t skimp on quality. I have never used an eye roller product before so this was an experience. I went in with no expectations and came out quite happy with the results.

Made from Edelweiss plant stem cells, it possesses renowned skin renewal properties and is enriched with community fair trade organic babassu oil.

Its structure reminds me of correction pens, containing a roller ball with a pump. This is a routine perfect for morning right before your put on your moisturizer or eye cream. The liquid goes on cold and as you move the eye roller in a figure eight motion around your eye lids it feels like a gentle massage. This was a relaxing experience and it felt like a nice gentle eye lid massage each time I did it. The product claims to create firmer looking skin around the eyes. The liquid itself is opaque and sticky and once dry does have a tightening feeling. I also found it brightened up the eye area.

Studies by The Body Shop showed that 78% of users agreed their eye bags appeared reduced, 77% agreed that fine lines also appeared reduced and 80% of those tested agreed that their eyes looked less tired.

As a consumer I think this product is worth a try. I have always been on the lookout for a nice eye cream that brightens under my eyes, and the relaxing massage adds a nice step in my morning makeup routine.

You can purchase the Drops of Youth Eye concentrate roller at your nearest Body Shop store or online for $30.

loved by laura : imPRESS manicure

October 30, 2014By DJMC

I recently had the pleasure of reliving my girlie childhood memories with Broadway Nails imPRESS manicure – specifically with some limited-edition Halloween tips just in time for this weekend! I remember being a young child and enjoying painting my nails and playing with fake nails, and these certainly took me back.

They look like gel nails and adhere for about a week. Each package includes a prep pad (a rubbing alcohol pad) and 24 press on nails in various sizes – great for making sure you find the best fit for each tip.

The idea of press on nails is fun and easy, but with great beauty comes a price and in this case, it was a tough removal process. You are supposed to pull them off by lifting from the sides, but I’d recommend applying polish remover between the nail and the press on tip and leaving it for 1 minute. It makes for an overall more pleasant experience, since peeling them off was a task (I’m lucky enough to have thick and hard nails, but I imagine if they were brittle and thin it would be worse). Another thing to note is not all nail beds are shaped similarly and the shape options are limited to what’s in the package, so you may also find you have to file them to size.

All in all, they look great and deliver high-impact results. This is definitely a product that I would use for special occasions. You can pick them up at your nearest Walmart for under $10 – they definitely make it easy to get into the Halloween spirit if you’re not into wearing a costume!

Disclosure: Press samples featured.