31 days to a prettier 2017 : pick up a new blush …

January 13, 2017By stephanie

It’s another friday … another week down, another weekend to enjoy.

Day 13 : January 13

Buy a new blush.

It doesn’t matter if its a powder or cream, and it doesn’t matter if it’s $5 or $50. Just pick up a blush that does the following :

  • brings out the cheeks with just a swipe or two
  • gives you a glow but isn’t overly shimmery or glittery
  • is a universal shade of pink or peach that’s wearable for any beauty look

A natural blush, much like your signature lip colour, can be applied quickly and easily when time is of the essence. Whether you wear it with just concealer or a full face it warms you up and makes you look healthy and alive. The right colour can also assist in sculpting your face when you’re not up to contouring and highlighting. 

If you choose a powder blush, remember that your blush brush is also key for a blended, natural application. Powders can get streaky and cakey, so just be sure that you choose a formulation that blends well and a brush that does the job right. For those that prefer a cream blush (my favourite), you can warm the product on the back of your hand first before applying with your fingers, should the product be a bit too firm. Once applied, blend up and outward towards the hairline for a fresh faced look. BONUS : add a touch of your cream blush to your lips for an on-trend monochromatic colour look for the face.

Blush away!

TIP : A cream blush in a stick form as opposed to pot or compact is perfect for on the go touch-ups. It goes straight from tube to cheeks – no tools necessary.

HOMEWORK : Ask the makeup artist at the beauty counter for assistance. They can pull the most natural shades in all formulas for you making your choices easier!

31 days to a prettier 2017 : have better hair days …

January 10, 2017By stephanie

We’ve focused so much on makeup in the past week, that we need to take a moment, step back and focus on the one thing that can ensure a great day, almost every day : your hair.

Day 10 : January 10

Get your haircut. 

Or at least make an appointment to do so. Soon. Maybe you are due for a whole new ‘do or perhaps you just need a trim and clean-up – whatever it is, get it done. 

A fresh new style, especially one that flatters your face, can bring forth a whole new confidence in your beauty game. It can also keep you out of a rut and keep your look current. Change is good. You can start off small with either adding in some layers or fringe or you can try a whole new cut all together like going short; a bob or pixie – take your pick.

If you’re not ready to make a big leap, then at least get in to see your stylist for a trim. Cut off the split ends and thinning length, trim your bangs, and freshen up your layers. Maintenance like this will ensure less bad hair days and less frustration with styling your hair overall.

And let’s not forget the other fun stuff … if it works with your time and budget you can consider fun stuff like a new colour, highlights, lowlights, babylights …etc. 

See your stylist … stat.

TIP : Dont’ ever go into your stylist and say … just do whatever. Images are always a good bet, even if you’re thinking of just some minor changes to your hair. IMages can hel to clearly communicate what you’re trying to achieve and better guide your stylist.

HOMEWORK : Make it a habit to see your stylist for regular trims and maintenance. Mark in your calendar when you’re about due and try not to stray to far from that date when booking in an appointment.

31 days to a prettier 2017 : Make an appointment for your brows …

January 3, 2017By stephanie


So, I totally understand that with the onset of a new year after a well “spent” holiday season … the last thing you want to do is spend some more; but if there is one thing I want you to spend a bit of money and time on in this entire 31 day period, it would be a good brow consultation.

Day 3 : January 3

Today, you’re going to do a bit of reasearch. You’re going to Google a few the best brow studios close to home or work, read reviews on them – both positive and negative, and make a decision about which brow studio you would trust with your eyebrows. The next thing you are going to do, is make an appointment for a consultation and/or service.

Why your brows?

Because they are transformative in every way. They create a frame for the eyes, and when your brows are right … the whole world is right and world peace is achieved. Just kidding.  Seriously though, ensuring that your brows are clean, well maintained, and in great shape allows for any beauty look you do to seem much more polished and complete. Meeting with a brow specialist can provide you with valuable insight into the best brow for your face.

Before I go any further, let’s get something straight – I’m not talking about trying to achieve Instagram filtered, ombré, gradiated,  did you use a sharpie for that (?), eyebrows. That ain’t real life. I’m simply pointing you in the direction of,  perhaps you need to define the arch a bit more; or grow them out a bit; or trim them a bit; or learn to use a pencil better to extend the tail. These are all things a brow specialist can walk you through.

So again, today, I want you to make yourself an appointment for as soon as possible. Trust me … you’ll love it!

Brows over bros, yo!

TIP : Resist the urge to groom, tweeze, and clean up your brows before you go in for your consultation. That’s like cleaning up before the cleaning lady arrives. Let your specialist see your brows in all their glory. You may be tweezing out an area that might look better a little fuller.

HOMEWORK : Though you should trust your specialist to design and perfect your brows for you, it’s still nice if you bring in pictures of brows you like or admire. Just to give her (or him) an idea of your style and taste. But don’t marry yourself to a specific brow because it might not work with what you naturally got. be open-minded to possibilities!

31 days to a prettier 2017 : It starts with your makeup bag …

January 1, 2017By stephanie


Hello 2017! And Welcome …

If you ask me … I’m kinda glad 2016 is done with. If I see one more Instagram post or YouTube video of someone using a fork, or a dishwashing sponge, or a cut up silicone bra insert to apply their makeup, I will turn into She-Hulk and pummel them all. No special effects makeup needed. None.

The truth is, makeup and hair – beauty in general, really – does not have to be that complicated. You just need a bit of knowledge, some beauty tools, and plenty of practice to be your own Instragram beauty guru. No one knows your face better than you, and the same goes for your personal style. The only thing that’s missing is a bit of guidance to point you in the right direction and keep it simple. And that’s where I come in!

With the start of 2017, I’m introducing the 31-day guide to making more beautiful choices when it comes to makeup and hair. From today until the 31, the team and I will help you become your own beauty artist by providing the classic tips and tricks you really need to know. Shall we start? But of course, we shall …

Day 1 : January 1

Stores are closed and you slept in, so today is the perfect day to start with where people make the most mistakes with beauty : an overstocked, out of date, messy makeup bag. Am I right?

Take inventory of all the makeup you own. Gather it all up from all the different places you keep it : your purse makeup bag, your bathroom makeup jar, the lip balms in the junk drawer, the glosses in your pockets, the emergency stuff you keep in the glove compartment of your car. ALL OF IT.

Separate lipsticks with lipsticks, concealers with concealers, shadows with shadows, so on and so forth.

Start your edit with trashing what is expired and/or broken. Expired products includes anything you have had for more than 2 years (ew!), mascaras that clump, cream or liquid products that have separated or for sure changed colour or consistency. Broken cases, shattered powders – toss toss toss – who needs a messy stained makeup bag?

Next, put aside all the items you know you NEVER wear … those misguided purchases, or items gifted to you that didn’t really flatter you. These items can be passed down to a sibling or friend easily.

Once you have completed these two steps, you should be left with items you wear regularly (or possibly have doubles of), or wear for the right occasion. These items will most likely be representative of the colours you favour and that make you feel good, and products that work with your skin type.  Whoo hoo!!!  You’re now ready to restock your makeup bag (and drawers), but before you do, clean it all up. Wash your makeup bag. Sanitize your cream products and wipe down all your cases and compacts.

And … you’re done, Day 1! Congrats … I’ll see you tomorrow!

TIP : For all the products you just put back in the drawer, mark them with a dab of bright nail polish, or a coloured sharpie. Next year, when you repeat your clean out … you’ll know you have had the items for a year if not more. This will help you determine if the item is expired and should be trashed!

HOMEWORK : Create a list of the items that you need to replace – you’ll need this later on. You can also create a list of everything you own … to help you with future hauls at Sephora. Feeling super productive – create a swatch book : I carry a notebook with swatches of every lipstick I own … so that when I am thinking of purchasing a lipstick on a whim, I can determine if I already own a similar shade!

Let the Holiday Beauty Bar begin … 

November 10, 2016By stephanie

Canadian Thanksgiving, check. Hallowe’en, check. Remembrance Day, almost there.

And then …

Let the holiday season begin. It’s the most magical time of year after all!


Every year, the BlushPretty team opens up our doors to welcome you and yours to join us for our Holiday Beauty Bar. It’s the opportunity to get in the spirit of the season and get glam on the go. Between your office holiday party to cocktails with friends, BlushPretty will be open Thursdays to Sundays from 2-8 pm for both makeup and hair services. Whether you want to try the new metallic trend, or style your hair into the latest red carpet ‘do, we got you! We’ve even have a designated changing space to take you from office to “oh holy night!”hot that much easier!

Located in the heart of Dufferin Grove at 907 College Street, the Toronto studio is just steps away from the city’s finest establishments meaning you’re in, you’re out, and you’re pretty.

Holiday Beauty bar begins Thursday November 18, 2016 . Makeup applications begin at $55, and hair services begin at $65.

Bring on the cheer!

-xx, s and the BP beauty elves