pretty and the penny: keeping your mason pearson brush looking like new

October 24, 2012By stephanie 1 Comment

Okay. So I admit, I used to think that a hair brush should never cost more than a twenty-dollar bill solid. I mean, how could a brush that is almost (sometimes more depending on the one you choose) $100 be more effective than my trusty Goody hairbrush picked up at the good ‘ol big box store for $14.99? All you need to do is run it through your hair, right?

That is true. A brush (or comb) is made to run through your hair to detangle and groom.

But, I am now the converted. I repent from my past and sinful ways of p’shawing a great brush. I do own a Mason Pearson and have been a devout follower for about 3 years. And let me tell you, a really REALLY good hair brush, not necessarily Mason Pearson, but a really REALLY good one, will help to create volume, enhance shine, reduce frizz and make your hair feel like silk. Whether you have a pixie, a bob, or hair down to your ass-ets, a good brush is like a great haircut.

I guess what I’m trying to say, is hair is one of our greatest accessories. We OBSESS over it. So maybe splurging on a more expensive brush is an investment … one that leads to healthier and better hair days more often.

But let’s get real. I’m not going to splurge on a new hair brush EVERY year. But they can get slimy looking, fuzzy, and the bristles can start to splay and break. Chances are, you replace your brush when it starts to look grimy. So, if you multiply purchasing a new $14.99 bush every year for ten years, perhaps splurging and maintaining a $60+ more durable brush to last you 10 years is a better option? Maybe? So here is how you can make that unbelievably expensive hairbrush last for a lifetime and cut the investment in half. Kind of.

It’s all about keeping it clean.

Yes – you may remove your shedding hair from your brush from time to time. But do you ever really get deep deep in there and clean the pads of the brush and the bristles. You know, all those places that have trapped in years of dry scalp flakes, old product, and gosh knows what else?  You don’t? Ugh.

Yeah. I’m giving you the side-eye right now.

You’ll need the following items to clean your favourite investment brush: a fine-tooth comb, a toothbrush, some hand soap. All things you normally have on hand. You get free toothbrushes from your dentist and you should always have hand soap around the house … so you’re not really spending any extra money doing this.

Step 1: Using your comb, remove and lift hair out of the bristles of your brush.

Step 2: Fill a small bowl with some lukewarm water and a drop or two of hand soap.

Step 3: Your toothbrush is your cleaning brush – dip it in the soapy water, and holding your investment brush facing down, start to work your cleaning brush GENTLY around the bristles. Then gently scrub the pad of the brush.

Step 4: Rinse off your cleaning brush and use the now wet cleaning brush to rinse away any soap from your investment brush.

Step 5: Wipe down the handle and back of your investment brush, give it a good shake or two to remove excess water, and let dry on a towel.


An investment or splurge on anything beauty should make you feel good in addition to doing a great job. At the same time, it’s up to YOU to protect your investment by maintaining it properly. Sure you may have spent  more money than you would have liked, but if you can make it last really really long, the cost per use will amount to pennies.