musings from morgan : cargo hd foundation

June 10, 2015By DJMC

Foundation is one of those things that isn’t really one-size-fits-all. It can take a long time to find one that suits your needs, especially because you have to factor in colour, skin type and preferences for factors like weight, coverage, finish and more.

Personally, I am partial to medium-to-full coverage, matte finish products. I have combination skin with a temperamental t-zone and am always looking for something that will last all day. I had the chance to try Cargo’s HD Picture Perfect foundation, which promised everything I prefer in a foundation so I was pretty stoked to get testing.



An oil-free formula, this HD product is perfect if you’re looking for something to use in a setting where you’ll be taking photos, like a studio. HD foundations like this contain light-diffusing products, meaning your skin will look flawless even under the most intense, brightly-lit situations (think right under the hot lights of a photoshoot). It also means the product is meant to blur skin and give an airbrush looking finish and will blend seamlessly.

The shade I tried was 1N, which appears to be the lightest shade in the line. Unfortunately, it was really yellow on me (I’m super fair and lean more pink than yellow – you can see the difference in my neck and face) but may actually make for a good summer foundation if I catch a tan…but we’ll have to wait and see. I applied with a beauty blender and was so impressed with the finish and coverage. It truly blends beautifully on the skin and a little goes a long way to mask imperfections. It’s also suitable for all skin types, and I found it worked great on my skin.


I can get away with wearing it when I use a brightening concealer and some contouring products as a more dramatic, going-out look, but as an everyday foundation the shade is just too yellow. If it was a perfect match, this would no question be a go-to foundation for round the clock wear!

At $42.00, it’s a great option if you’re in the market for an HD foundation and on par with most like it. Grab it from Cargo Cosmetics directly, Murale stores, or!

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musings from morgan : mary kay mineral cheek duos

June 4, 2015By DJMC

As our days get nicer, my makeup routine tends to change – one major thing being the addition of bolder blush. There’s something about spring & summer days that makes me want to add some more colour wherever possible.


Mary Kay’s new Mineral Cheek Duos landed on my vanity just in time for the transition and I was thrilled to give them a whirl. They come in three shades: Spiced Poppy, Ripe Watermelon and Juicy Guava. Each blush is matte, and is paired with a pearlized highlighting shade perfect for sweeping just above the cheekbone (or anywhere else you want to add a little highlight).

Out of all three, I’d have to say my favourite is Juicy Guava – it’s a light coral shade with a golden highlighter and I love how it look against my blue eyes. Check out the swatches below.


Juicy Guava


Spiced Poppy


Ripe Watermelon

Bring on summer! You can grab these for $20 each from or your fave Mary Kay rep :)

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musings from morgan : rococo nail apparel

January 8, 2015By DJMC

I have exciting news – while I didn’t count it as an official “resolution,” I made a commitment just before Christmas to stop biting my nails for good. I went for an embarrassing manicure on December 24 and vowed to let it be the start of a new era. Two weeks later…so far, so good.

While I definitely don’t have long and beautiful nails just yet, I’m far less embarrassed to show them to the world. What does this mean? I can proudly review nail polish now!

I had the chance to try a brand I’ve never heard of, Rococo Nail Apparel based out of the UK. According to the brand, they’re quite popular at London Fashion Week and promise high-quality product, on-trend shades made to last.

Right off the bat the packaging was impressive – the container came in a box! Pretty fancy for nail polish, I think (then again my knowledge in this area is limited). The shade was Night Scene Molton Lava, a shimmery brown from their Autumn 2014 collection.

I found the polish really easy to apply and highly pigmented. In two coats, I was happy with the results. The colour itself was one I normally wouldn’t select, but there’s no doubt the quality was there. I also found it dried really quickly and had a high-shine finish.

You can find this product at and stores for $20 a bottle.

Disclosure: Press samples featured.

musings from morgan : rimmel glam’eyes HD

January 7, 2015By DJMC

When I’m looking for eyeshadow, I want a product that’s going to be easy to use, last long and not fussy – no falling pigment, creasing, moving around…you get the idea. I rarely wear eyeshadow so when I do decide to put some on, I want it to really deliver.

I recently tried Rimmel’s Glam’Eyes HD Eyeshadows in 029 Royal Rose, a drugstore palette that promises vibrant & intense colour for 8 hours that’s crease, fade and smudge-proof. It can be used wet or dry to create a variety of looks.

For a drugstore product, it definitely delivered decent pigmentation and I did like that there were five shades in a palette. It is on the small side (which I don’t mind since I don’t use it often) so if you’re looking for something that will last you longer-term, I might suggest looking at individual shadows or larger palettes that offer more product.

I wasn’t disappointed by this palette, but I wasn’t blown away either – it’s what I’d expect from a drugstore product like this and is an excellent choice if you’re wanting to add something a little different to your routine without splurging on high-end products. For me, these weren’t colours I’d typically reach for but I loved how they appeared against my skin, so the fact that they’re low-commitment on the cash front makes them a fun option.

If yo want to try them yourself, find them at Shoppers Drug Mart, Walmart, Target, London Drugs or Jean Coutu (price unknown).

musings from morgan : skyn iceland

December 30, 2014By DJMC

I recently discovered my latest obsession, Skyn Iceland. On the surface, the brand appears to be just another line of high-end skincare that claims to solve stressed skin. They offer products that target issues many people face, including redness, aging, eye care, breakouts and more, but so often when I see these high end skincare brands I’m left asking myself, “Is it really worth it?”

When it comes to Skyn Iceland, the answer is yes – at least if we’re talking about they’re Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels and Face-Lift in a Bag.

The eye gels were up first in terms of testing, and I quickly learned these are a popular product among Skyn’s customers and a celebrity favourite (Lindsay Lohan recently mentioned them in her recent Into the Gloss profile, and Rachel Zoe is featured on the site touting their benefits). They’re a set of cooling under-eye gel patches designed to “[infuse] the eye area with highly potent actives and Icelandic glacial water to firm, tone, brighten and reduce the appearance of puffiness and wrinkles.”

They’re also super easy to apply – I’ve previously used under-eye patches that slide around, but these stick in place and once they’re on begin to work their magic. The cooling effect alone is enough reason to run and pick these up ASAP! Though I tested these in the evening as an end-of-day treat, I’ll be picking up more to use first thing in the morning, as they’re bound to wake me right up and feel fresh first thing. Key ingredients include hydrolyzed elastin, Ginkgo biloba leaf extract, Coenzyme Q10, Acetyl hexapeptide-8 and Icelandic Complex.

Then came the Face-Lift in-a-Bag. The name alone is super intriguing, right? It’s a weekly treatment made to fight aging by attacking fine lines and wrinkles where they appear most: forehead, under and around the eyes (crow’s feet), and around our mouths (smile lines). Much like the eye gels (they’re also included in this kit), everything sticks in place and cools all over. There’s also additional ingredients to the ones mentioned above like antioxidant rich organic tomato callus stem cell extract and hydrolyzed extensin.

The BEST part about these products is price – particularly the eye gels. The Face-Lift in-a-bag is just $21.50 CAD and the eye gels are $33.00 for 8 sets. Considering they’re a higher-end product, paraben-free and made to tackle sensitive and stressed skin issues, they’re completely worth it based on my experience . You can find Skyn products at Murale stores and (hello Optimum points!).