loved by laura : the humble sponge

October 28, 2014By DJMC

It is a known fact that looking beautiful requires radiant, glowing and healthy skin; however my quest to acquire such glorious skin took years.  From my tweens to adulthood, I purchased micro bead cleansers to expensive imported soaps that only left my skin feeling dry and unfulfilled.  This unsatisfying routine stopped a few years ago when I discovered the humble sponge.


Let’s face it – it is hard to run away from the fact that “we are what we eat” and that 8 glasses of water a day gives us amazing skin, but what we also can do is take care of it by exfoliating.

The sponge scrubs off dead and old skin cells that eventually build up and clog your pores.  Our body’s skin undergoes a shedding cycle every 28-45 days and the sponge helps to evenly remove these old layers.  Once the dead skin cells are removed, fresh skin is revealed.  Benefits of exposing the new skin layer is that it evens out skin tone, allows the skin to breath, unclogs pores, removes white heads and prevents in grown hairs.

Organic sponges are fascinating – not only are they sea creatures, but they are a renewable and sustainable source.  Unlike synthetic sponges, real sponges when dried for commercial use are antibacterial.  They are very low maintenance, easy to pack and look great in any bathroom.

How to use it?  Once or twice a week, lather up your hands with your favourite facial cleanser.  Evenly apply the suds all over your face.  With a small dry or wet sponge start scrubbing your face in gentle circular motions.

Never forget to use a gentle toner and moisturizer after each session! You will definitely see a difference.

You can purchase these sponges at the grass roots store or online at $8.99 for a package of four unbleached facial sponges.

things we like : going shampoo-free

January 15, 2014By DJMC

Victoria Dawson Hoff wrote a great article this week for Elle Canada on going shampoo-free since last June. That’s a long – and impressive – amount of time.

We’ve heard many times how beneficial going au naturel  can be, and when Victoria heard the same she worked her way up to swapping her usual shampoo & conditioner routine for baking soda and apple cider vinegar. Talk about brave!

Check out the full article here and read all about her experience. Would you ever consider going “poo-free” for good?


the beauty board: dot&lil

May 13, 2013By stephanie

more reviews from our guests:

“love the lilac scent! it smells amazing and its a scent that is normally hard to find.
the body butter is nice – a little goes a long way …”

“love the light scents in all products. the serum and aftershave are oil-based but not oily at all! i’m interested in the aftershave because i think it will benefit my waxing clientele!”

“body butters – very moisturizing, made my hand really soft.
would recommend it to people with dry hands for the winter.
the lip gloss – tried vanilla, loved the scent … it was very moisturizing.”

“i am completely in love with dot+lil’s brand presentation and packaging. the soaps smell so amazing and are super alluring to a girly-girl’s eyes.
i am so excited to try my lavender body butter.”

“this brand was the most interesting mainly because elaine raves about it all the time but also because it had a large variety of products I’d never seen.
Will definitely be checking them out soon!”

“the soaps were adorable and everything smelled amazing.”

“the display was pretty, feminine and neatly organized. ample samples make it easy to sort through and decide on products to buy.”

“the products are definitely of nice quality and the soaps smell nicely. good to know that shipping in Canada is free for purchases over $40.”

for more on dot+lil, check out the website here.