musings from morgan : hair things

September 4, 2014By DJMC

You may have seen on Instagram that I’ve recently lightened my hair and gone totally blonde on the ends for a blonde-to-brunette ombre to change things up. I’ve also been changing up my style, actually blow drying daily and styling into curls to give a bit of volume to my otherwise flat and thin hair. With all of these changes, protecting my colour and finding products to boost my volume while taming frizz have been a top priority, and I’ve found these ones in particular to be really helpful.

Nexxus Color Assure Primer

When Stephanie handed me the Nexxus Color Assure Hair Primer, I was really intrigued – I guess there’s a primer for just about everything now! It’s a pre-cleanse treatment that creates a shield  between your hair and water so you can still wash and scrub your scalp, but not worry about the colour going awry. I wanted to give myself a few weeks to try it out and see how I liked using it and if it performed, and can report that my hair is looking pretty vibrant these days and the brassiness has been kept at bay (it’s coming in a bit, but it’s nowhere near as bad as I’ve experienced in the past).

To use, you simply put 1-2 pumps of product in your palm and work it through your dry hair before jumping in the shower. It’s hard to describe how it feels on your hair, but you can definitely tell it’s creating that “shield.” You carry on with your shower as usual and voila! Colour is protected.

The biggest downside to this product is actually incorporating it into a routine. I keep everything I use for my shower ritual in the shower – I need it in front of me to remember to use it. Because you have to use this on dry hair, I had been keeping it on the counter in my bathroom and on several occasions (read: most occasions) I would forget about it until I was in the shower with the water running, and it was too late to use.

Overall, when used accordingly, it does what it’s meant to do and at $20 it’s a worthwhile investment for protecting your colour in between appointments. It’s available at Shoppers Drug Mart – check it out!

Dove Oxygen Moisture Root Lift Spray

This product was made for people like me who have thin, flat hair that could use a good lift. On wet hair, it helps to lift the roots right up and on dry hair it adds that extra kick of moisture.

This took some getting used to – it’s easy to go one spray too far and end up with greasy roots. Once you’ve figured out the amount that works for you though, the product is a lightweight way to add some volume. At around $6.00 a bottle, it’s a totally affordalbe solution to your flat hair woes.

Disclosure: This product was sent to BlushPretty for editorial consideration.

hair diaries: nexxus hydra-light

April 3, 2013By stephanie

My hair has undergone many transformations in its almost 36 years of life. Through bad haircuts, bad perms, and just bad styling decisions overall … there is one thing that has always been consistent … my hair lacks volume.

I actually have plenty of hair. Not too thick, but not too thin either. It’s pretty healthy too, in my opinion. But it is your typical stick straight, slippery, “asian” hair (we all have an asian friend who claims her hair is “so asian” that it cannot hold a curl – yes?!). No matter the layers, the fringe, or the amount of “scrunching”, mousse, and air-drying-without-combing I do, it always dries to a straight, smooth sheet of hair. Flat. Like a board.

Through plenty of trial and error, I have found ways to keep my hair from looking too flat: less conditioning, shampooing and cleaning the hair every few days instead of everyday, blow-drying with a swishy movement … but there are very few products that I can use to clean and style my hair with that will not weigh it down. Products that I do use must be used in sparse amounts.

My current hairstyle is a short pixie with an undercut. I have got plenty of layers and choppiness in there, but again, without proper products it can look a little too smooth. While most days I can wash and go, I find a good blowdry can give life and edge to my hair. As of late, I have been prepping my hair with Nexxus Hydra-Light Root Mist before I heat style. A little spritz or two into the root of my hair adds a bit of boost and oomph exactly where I need it. Normally, some gel and hairspray would be used to create some choppinness but I find that using Root Mist and a small dab of texturizer, I can skip those two products which are too heavy and too sticky for my styling needs.

In addition to trying out the Root Mist, I also test drove Nexxus’ Hydra-light Conditioning Foam. As mentioned, I only wash my hair every few days … I probably condition less than that. While its easy to distribute my scalps natural oils through my short hair, my hair can feel dry at times. When I do condition with a conditioner, I find my hair really resistant to holding a style. During my test drive, instead of shampooing and conditioning in the shower, I shampooed as normal and then applied this foam before styling. What a difference! Where a creamy conditioner would make my hair too soft and straight and other leave-in conditioners would feel heavy in my hair until the next wash, this foam distributed easily and felt like air. It provided the hydration and moisture my hair needed, but didn’t compromise my styling efforts afterwards.

As I experiment with hairstyles, lengths, and cuts, I’m curious to see how the Hydra-Light line helps me along the way. My first impression is that the two make for a great combination for any hair type from thick and long to fine and short. I also think that they could be an asian-haired girl’s best friend!